10 reasons women treat you like garbage

Apr 8


Jeremiah Adetola

Jeremiah Adetola

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If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you will understand that I talk about neediness in men.



A needy man is an ugly man.


And even if he does every other thing right,10 reasons women treat you like garbage Articles he will struggle getting the women he wants or getting the respect, submission and loyalty of the women he has.


In short, women will treat him like garbage (whether he is married or not)


That’s the bad news. 


The good news?


Today, I have decided to outline a few neediness “flags”.


If you notice any of these in your life, it’s time to make a conscious effort to work on them.


Let’s start: 


* Constantly questioning a woman’s interest in you or loyalty to you (especially without cause). 


* You fear your woman leaving you 


* You are constantly worried if your woman is meeting/seeing other men 


* You feel the need to stalk a woman. 


* You are quick to apologise to a woman (even when you’ve done nothing wrong). 


* You are afraid to say your mind or act how you want, because you think she might not like it 


* You are always around, ready to help her with everything she needs even when she doesn’t want to fulfil your own demands (usually when she doesn’t want to date you)


* You talk a lot when trying to get her to do something for you


* Your self-esteem drops when women reject you 


* You are scared of ejecting low-quality women in your life


And so on and so forth. 


All of these are neediness signs. 


Some you will notice more than others. 


But all of them will make you weak, repulsive and ugly to any woman you meet.


What to do next? 


Starting today, take deliberate effort to refrain from doing any of the things listed above. 


Of course, it would take work. 


And you will slip back into old habits (especially in the beginning). 


But take it one day at a time. 


And gradually, you’ll be the most non-needy man you’ve ever seen and as such women would go out of their way to be with you, do your wish and give you their help.


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