The “body builders” secret to having happier, healthy relationships

Apr 8


Jeremiah Adetola

Jeremiah Adetola

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Do you ever look at high-level body builders (like Arnold Schwarzenegger) and wonder how they achieve that kind of body?


Aside from their insane workouts (obviously), a big part of it is their diet. 


Most top-level bodybuilders scrutinise their meals to the letter. 


Often planning it days and weeks in advance. 


With everything in the right proportion - protein,The “body builders” secret to having happier, healthy relationships Articles fats, carbohydrates, etc. 


Some of them (the really insane ones), don’t even see food as an activity to be enjoyed anymore. 


They just see it as calories to be “taken in”. 


So while a normal person sees a delicious roasted chicken breast, the insane body builder sees 30g of protein.


How does this have anything to do with your dating & relationship game? 


You see, just as the bodybuilder heavily scrutinises the food he takes every man should heavily scrutinise (to the letter), the women in his life. 




Ever heard of the popular saying, “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with”?


Why do you think that is? 


It’s because we are greatly influenced by our closest relationships (whether we realise it or not)


And if you are looking for a woman long term, then you will probably spend a lot of time around her … and if she is not the right one for you … you are going to be in a lot of trouble down the line. 


That is why it is vitally important to screen the women you are seeing. 


You need to be highly meticulous. 


Outline everything you don’t want in your woman and jettison any woman who has those traits out of your life. 


Because the last thing you want is to enter a marriage and 10, 20 years down the line you are regretting the day you ever met her.


Long story short, scrutinise your women like bodybuilders scrutinise their food and you’ll be a lot happier, content and successful for it. 


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