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There are so many benefits to being able to please your girlfriend.  Find out the simple techniques you can use at home to have your girlfriend so happy that she is with you!

Scattering petals on the bed and putting on soft,Guest Posting romantic music does not cut it anymore when it comes to seducing your woman into sleeping with you. Ladies have a legitimate reason to decline sex. To females who rarely climax during sex, the act turns into more of a assignment to them than an lovely experience. Consequently if you want to actually make sex a incredibly tempting notion to your woman, you better get down to it -- and I mean get down on her and perform something that will definitely make her shout your name from the sheer joy.How to do this? It’s as simple as performing oral sex on her.


To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • Make sure she is relaxed, so do a little foreplay; kissing her on the mouth and slowly but surely work your way down there.

  • After you’re there, gently lick the mouth of the vagina up to entrance.

  • Work your way to labia and the clitoris (proceed with extra caution).

  • Once she’s feeling the love, thrust your tongue habitually. Listen to hear moans if you can thrust it harder.

  • Then put her clitoris in your mouth and suck on it as you flick your tongue over and around the clitoris.


People who desire to develop their techniques in cunnilingus got the book by sex and romance expert Michael Webb, who has been featured on Opera. The book Lick by Lick claims to provide you with secret methods (including methods in using your fingers) to help her contact climax through oral sex. We learned that the methods are not known to many, and most importantly, that they are really useful. The book as well provides successful tips on encouraging your woman to shower without being offensive.


You will as well obtain free books for example 101 Romantic Ideas and Healing Touch Massage to add to your expanding knowledge on pleasuring your woman. The only downside is that the book can’t be got in any bookstore so you have to go to the site to purchase it. All and all, the book Lick by Lick is worth reading because it will truly develop your experiences in performing cunnilingus.

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