The Truth Behind Man-Speak

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Men certainly tend to twist the truth in order to protect their women, make them happy and place themselves in a better light.

Sometimes,Guest Posting lying is necessary, but other times, they might be better off just admitting the truth. They can try to justify their lies by convincing you that they are just trying to keep you happy. But, at the end of the day, men know deep down inside that they have been keeping the truth neatly tucked away. We brings you the many lies men opt to tell:

No, you don't look fat

The following situation is familiar to most guys in relationships: She asks, "Do I look fat in this?" The best answer is "No, of course you don't look fat." Other than ignoring his wife or girlfriend's question, for men, this is the only way to come out of the situation unscathed and blameless.

I do not enjoy looking at other women

Men feel that it's simply a shame that their partners cannot accept that they like seeing beautiful women. Despite this logic, the lie still propagates in relationships because it reassures the woman that there is no one else in the world worth fantasising about.

We will talk about it later

This little phrase helps most men end an argument or potential squabble. In most cases, men really do not want to "talk about it later," they never want to talk about it. Putting off the possibility of a blowup gives them some time to underline the uselessness of arguing over something so minute.

You remind me of JLo

The ultimate compliment to a woman can also be their biggest lie. Comparing her to an incredibly beautiful movie star raises her self confidence and smoothens tensions at home as well.

I love your cooking

Since some women cannot make toast without a recipe book, there has to be an out for guys who get stuck with the culinarily challenged. Their best bet is to grin and bear it and remind themselves that at least she is cooking for him.

I love chick flicks

Some untruths exist simply to help men save energy and this is certainly one of them. Instead of explaining how unrealistic, silly and boring romantic comedies are, it is better to simply tune out during the movie and reap the benefits of a happy, romantic-minded girlfriend afterward.

Your mom is-my favouite

Sometimes, the key to a woman's heart is through her family even though they may be really obnoxious. The thought behind this for men is - it is worth putting up with them if they get the girl, especially if they are really serious about the relationship. Therefore, enduring her mother's quirks, comments and behaviour becomes an important part of the man's repertoire, as does his insistence that family time is fun for him.

I am sorry

Whether it's to escape a sticky situation or nip an argument in the bud, these three little words can come in quite handy. Used sparingly, this device is the guy's greatest route to turning his girlfriend's scowl into a smile, if it's said with conviction. She could be going on about one of his idiosyncrasies or something he has said and all he has to do is stop her, say "I am sorry" followed by a promise to change, and everything will be all right, at least for the time being. As such, this lie has stood the test of time and remains the weapon of choice for many stricken males.

And there you have it; some of the most popular lies men have up their sleeves in times of trouble. Of course, they also say that lying is wrong and they never do it unless it's necessary. Honest.

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