Pearl Drops Of Wisdom

Nov 16


Leonard Lee

Leonard Lee

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Spiritual teachings for aspirants and disciples. Seeds of wisdom to be implanted into the soul and nourished for growth.

Be silent when others cowardly speak; Speak when others are cowardly silent.

Refrain when others foolishly give,Pearl Drops Of Wisdom Articles Give when others foolishly refrain.

Wise men see divinity in every face when, Fools see demons in every one.

Wise men respond to attack with love in their hearts when, Fools react with fear and anger.

Be not like fools who judges others, But be wise in judging thyself foremost.

Seek not short-lived pleasures which cause thee to die as a mortal, But seek eternal values that thou may transform into an immortal.

Be wise, live and act with soul purpose, Unlike fools who live and act carnally.

Thoughts bring pain, thoughts bring pleasure, Transcend such ambiguity by transcending thoughts.

Fools flee problems only to face them again, Be wise, face problems that thou may rise higher.

Deceit, violence, selfishness--these maintain mortality, Honesty, non-violence, selfishness--these evokes immortality.

Fools believe what they are not, to be what they are. Wise men understand what they are, to be what they are.

Fools are slaves to Nature; Wise men are her handmaidens.

Fools are attracted to the pseudo-gods in the forms of darkness, Wise men are attracted to the One God in the form of Light.

There is release and benefit in knowing Truth; There is bondage and harm in being deceived by the false.

Fools are attracted to appearances and are thus deceived, Wise men know their essence and are thus liberated.

The values of men are foolishness to God, The values of God are foolishness to men.

Death is a stranger to and feared by fools, To wise men, "death" is a friend and welcomed.

Fools accuse all but themselves for their personal problems; Wise men blame themselves alone for the problems of the world.

Fools pursue instant development and attainment--their acquisitions are subsequently instantly lost; Wise men work diligently upon their own development and attainment--their acquisitions are permanently gotten.

Fools seek the quick way and thus unknowingly tread the long path; Wise men seek the right way and knowingly tread the quick path.

Fools look down and laugh, Wise men look up and sigh.

Fools are arrogantly complacent with their abundance, Wise men give thanks for their mere pittance.

A fool is a wise man at a certain stage of spiritual progress, Just as a wise man is a fool at a certain stage of spiritual progression.

Fools believe complexity to be of value, Wise men know simplicity to be of true value.

Wise men believing themselves wise are foolish, Fools knowing themselves foolish are wise.

The purpose of the Soul a fool does ignore, The purpose of the false ego the wise dismiss.

False beliefs create the false ego, True knowledge manifests the True Soul.

Fools are asleep and dead to Reality, Wise men are awake and alive to it.

Fools believe the mind-body continuum to be the Self and thus they suffer, Wise men know the Self to be the Self and are thus liberated.

Fools delay spiritual-culture for they forget the nearness of death; Wise men cultivate themselves every minute for they remember it.

Fools are attached to worldly phenomena and thus experience pleasure and pain, Wise men detach themselves from worldly occurrences and thus transcend those dual states.

Fools find ways to work with human laws in conducting their misdeeds, Wise men simply obey Cosmic laws in conducting their lives.

Those who are beautiful see only beauty in God's creation; Those who are ugly see only ugliness in everything.

Fools conform to the letter of the law and are thus bound by it, Wise men conform to the spirit of the law and are thereby liberated.

Fools understand the false to be true, and the true to be false, Wise men know the false to be false and the true to be true.

Fools believe wisdom, experience, and spiritual development to be related to the physical years of a person; Wise men know that wisdom, experience, and spiritual development to be related to the soul.

Fools only honor those that benefit them, Wise men honor all whom they benefit.

A fool is in confusion by his own state of mind, A wise men is in a state of joy for that is his true nature.

Fools believe themselves powerful but are dependent upon their external supports; Wise men are powerful for they are dependent upon none but their own subtle energy.

Fools await their luck, await their fate; Wise men create their luck, create their fate.

Without humility one is never wise, With humility one is never foolish.

All that is of value one takes along to the other side, All that is worthless one leaves behind.

Fools attack that which they do not know, Wise men surrender to that which they do know.

Those that boast of seeing God's light and are untransformed are fools, Wise men, however, are silent in words but loud in virtues.

He who would not give will not be given, He who gives shall be looked after.

Fools emphasize the pronoun "I" too much, Wise men no longer has such an egoic sense.

Fools judge what they see at the surface, what they believe to be and are thus misled. Wise men look into the hearts, the hidden thoughts, the character and light of men, and thus they judge wisely.

The costliest thing in the world fools ignore, Wise men treasure and nurture it constantly and lovingly.

Fools believe that they have found what they are searching for and are thus complacent; Wise men are never complacent no matter where they stand.

Experiences serves no purpose unless its value is extracted; Its extraction is likewise valueless unless it causes a spiritual transformation.

Discipline may result in liberation or it may result in bondage, Fools serve discipline whereas wise men are served by it.

He who knows least believe himself to know most; And he who knows most believe himself to know least.

The higher we get the more subtle the temptations; Fools will always be deceived, glamored and deluded--wise men will always be on guard.

Spiritual transformation requires more than a single step; The Spiritual Path is an eternal trek with a receding goal.

One's spiritual understanding is in a constant state of evolution; There is no moment when a person is completely right in his comprehension.

Humans who believe human beings to be the pinnacle of creation remain as such. Saints believing sainthood to be the highest remain as such; gods who believe godhood to be the highest will likewise remain at that level.

Without opening the heart jewel there is no true unfoldment; Without love and compassion unfoldment is not true.

The purpose of life is more than knowing God; For by knowing God one becomes aware of more purposes in life.

He lies when he says he knows God and yet shows vices; One's virtues declares one's knowledge of God.

Fools wait to be chosen, Wise men choose to be chosen.

Fools think as mortals and thus suffer; Wise men think as immortals and are thus liberated.

The disciplines of the past may not be applicable for the present; The disciplines of the present may not be applicable for the future.

Fools unthinkingly follow disciplines without questioning their purpose; Wise men seek to learn their purposes and to know their relevancy and necessity.

In everything, fools seek quantity rather than quality; Wise men, however, seek quality rather than quantity.

Fools pride themselves in being the highest-evolved creature in the universe; Wise men know themselves to be the brothers to the lowest and highest beings.

Fools pride themselves with their years of discipline and experiences of a single incarnation; they often judge others by this human standard. Wise men know their practices and experiences of many incarnations but are silent; they judge others by this Soul standard.

Those new to spiritual practices in this lifetime may be old veterans of many incarnations. Those experienced in spiritual practices in this lifetime may be toddlers from a soul-standpoint.

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