Top 10 creative ideas to celebrate Valentine Day 2021 | Melbourne Fresh Flowers

Feb 24


Rajani H

Rajani H

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Searching for creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas for 2021? Check out the top 10 romantic ideas to bloom up your celebrations.


Whether you have been together for five months,Top 10 creative ideas to celebrate Valentine Day 2021 | Melbourne Fresh Flowers Articles five years, or five decades, there are so many reasons to celebrate Valentine's day. Picking up the right theme or Valentine's day ideas could be overwhelming sometimes. 

As we avoid going out due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, there is nothing more special than ringing the celebrations at home. To get you going with some heartfelt Valentine's Day date ideas, we have researched for you. Along with treating your dearest one with special Valentine’s Day flowers, here are the top 10 creative ideas to make the day of love memorable.

Before diving into the creative Valentine's Day ideas, take a moment to indulge in the timeless charm of books. As Valentine's Day approaches, there's no better way to set the mood than by immersing oneself in the captivating narratives of love, romance, and heartfelt emotions found within the pages of a book. Consider exploring a selection of Valentine's Day books to enhance the romantic ambiance and add depth to your celebrations. It may be a classic love story, a contemporary romance novel, or a collection of heartfelt poems - books have the power to ignite passion, evoke tender emotions, and transport readers to worlds where love knows no bounds. So, before you embark on your Valentine's Day celebrations, cozy up with a good book and let the enchanting tales of love inspire your heart. 

1. Breakfast in bed

Generous gestures like having breakfast in the bed will bloom up your special day with utter romance. Prepare your partner's favorite breakfast and decorate the platter with some of Valentine's flowers. Pamper your partner with freshly made waffles, a lip-smacking coffee, or a cup-full of hot chocolate. Indulging in good food on winter mornings is bliss and love-overloaded.

Or if you are planning to order breakfast from outside, ask the restaurant to club your morning meal with a small cake. Present fresh luxury flower arrangements with a sweet delicacy to make the day start memorable. For that, you can rely on the best flower delivery in Melbourne or trust the florist near you.

2. Plan an indoor picnic

Social distancing and staying indoors is the need of the hour, but it shouldn't be monotonic. Turn your living room into an exotic picnic spot by doing some minor tweaks. Shift your sofas, center table, and bring on your picnic mat and prepare for a delicious spread. Get the fastest flower delivery in Melbourne by Melbourne Fresh Flowers or another delivery suburb in Melbourne at your doorsteps and decorate your place. 

Cherish the day of love with the presence of a luxury flower bouquet and bring a bright smile to your better half's face. Make sure you pre-order your valentine's day flower delivery to avoid peak-hours and enjoy the day peacefully. 

3. Surprise your better half with a nostalgic gift

One of the best romantic Valentine's day ideas for him or her is to trip down memory lane together. Decorate the room with your amazing old pictures along with a bunch of premium flowers to complement the vibes. 

Create a series of pictures that will define your beautiful journey. Tell them how important they are in your life, and you are grateful to them. Bring a giant greeting card and write a romantic Valentine's quote like — ‘I would travel to the moon and back to see you smile’. Also, make sure you order seasonal luxury flowers in Melbourne or another city beforehand to glam up your nostalgic trip.   

4. Backyard Bonfire 

If you are searching for romantic box Valentine's day ideas, host a small surprise for your love in the backyard. Order marshmallows, hot chocolate and go for luxury flowers same-day delivery to double up your special day celebration. 

If you know how to play guitar, then, play some soothing chords and let them fall in love with you even more. Enjoy the quality time by sitting for a long time near the bonfire while enjoying hot and fluffy marshmallows. It's the best way to take a pause from the hectic work schedule and appreciate these small moments of love. Make Valentine's day in Melbourne or another city as memorable as your first date. 

5. A cozy movie date

In 2021, everyone follows social distancing rules, but it doesn't mean anyone should miss a movie date. One of the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas in Melbourne or any other city is to tune into your favorite movie that you both enjoy. 

Before you begin your movie date, make sure you buy flowers online and deck up your bedroom with fresh roses, orchids, or carnations. Go for vanilla scented candles and lit them while you enjoy your favorite movie or web series. Search for nearby flower delivery Melbourne hubs or another city hub to get your blossoms beforehand of the celebrations.

6. Chocolate fondue & flower surprise

Another attractive Valentine's Day Ideas For Boyfriend or girlfriend is to enjoy a chocolate fondue together. For this particular day, get a luxury flower bouquet delivery at your place and begin the surprise by proposing your love once again. When it comes to fondue, the options are limitless— fresh fruits, marshmallows, cookies, and whatnot. 

7. Talking an online cooking class

Sign up for an online cooking class and spend some hours making Valentine's day special dishes that you can enjoy in the day later. If you enjoy making cakes, then go for a one-day baking course and so on. Flaunt your prepared dish in your friend's circle and make the day enjoyable.

To appreciate such fun activities, order luxury flowers online, and get its doorstep delivery. Pamper your partner with those exotic flowers. Search for luxury flowers near me, and you will get a lot of exotic options to greet your partner. 

8. Recreate your proposed day

Valentine's day is the perfect time to relive the best memories of your life and to make this day special, recreate your proposal moment. Recall every detail about how you propose to your partner and live those moments once again. Get the same-day flower delivery in Melbourne or another city that you gifted to them. Sing that same song, wear the same type of clothes, and repeat those magical words. 

To save time, take out your smartphone and search for ‘buy flowers near me’ and order your partner's favorite ones. 

9. Valentine's 2021 Wreath DIY

Indulge in fun activities like creating a beautiful Valentine's heart-shaped floral wreath. You will find a lot of options for affordable flower delivery in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or other cities for this DIY activity. 

And if you're wondering what flowers to get on valentine’s day to surprise him or her, the options are endless. Go for roses, orchids, carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums, gerberas, or bright marigolds. 

10. Make your long-distance Valentines pleasant

It's okay, if you and your partner are living away from each other due to the current situation, you can still make good memories. Send flowers online in Melbourne or any other city where your better-half lives and surprise them with this sweet gesture. 

Many florists offer same-day and midnight delivery so that you don't miss out on your plan. Send flowers online in Melbourne or different places along with a delicious cake and a beautiful card. Write a romantic quote like— 'It's like, at that moment the whole universe existed just to bring us together' in your card and bring a bright smile. 

Final Thoughts

These were some of the best and creative ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day 2021. No matter which theme you pick, make sure you make the day extra special for both of you and rejoice in the essence of love.