TW Jackson: Magic of Making Up Author's Personal Story Revealed

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TW Jackson's Magic of Making Up has taken the world by storm, but who is he and is his system worth your time?

TW Jackson,Guest Posting Magic of Making Up...for thousands of people both of these things are a great source of mystery.  Who is TW Jackson, and how exactly has his Magic of Making Up programme been able to heal over 60,000 relationships in 57 countries in just a couple of years?  Let's find out...
It may come as a surprise to you that TW Jackson doesn't actually think of himself as an expert on the topic of love, or some kind of relationship guru.  He's even been known to actively dislike being referred to in any of these ways.  Instead, he has stated repeatedly that he believes it's a natural talent for observation which has allowed him to affect so many human lives in such a meaningful way.
Jackson spent a great part of his life in the military, allowing him to travel around the U.S.A., as well as many other highly diverse parts of our world.  As such, he's observed all kinds of people in all kinds of environments over a significant period of time, experiences which, no doubt, would allow anyone to gain greater insight into what makes people tick.
Is that all you need to be able to produce a guide as popular as the Magic of Making Up?  Not quite.  TW Jackson tells us that through his travels and experiences he quickly became adaptable to all manner of environments.  He would come into contact with new cultures all the time, and blend into them almost seamlessly in mere moments.  This, he claims, allowed him to master body language and human emotion.
As a result of displaying such natural abilities, it wasn't long before Jackson was helping friends with a great range of social problems during his time in the military.  He handed out advice on a great array of human problems, and since he had regular contact with the people he was giving advice to he would also receive feedback on the results of them putting his advice into practice.  This allowed him to separate what works from what doesn't in all kinds of situations and specific circumstances, and he refined his insights to the point where he was able to produce a system like the Magic of Making Up for the issue he was most intimately familiar with, ultimately changing the lives of thousands of people around the world in a tremendously praiseworthy way.

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