Use These 5 Tips To Make Your Ex Jealous!

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If your ex gets jealous because of things you do,Guest Posting it's likely that he still harbors feelings for you. If he still has feelings for you, he may want to start seeing you again, if they're strong enough. These 5 tips are among women's all-time favorites for making a man jealous. Be careful, though - overdoing it might push him away forever.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #1

The first tip is this: for a while, just don't have anything to do with your ex at all. This is time-tested, even if it doesn't make sense, but ignoring him for a while can be as effective as taking specific actions designed to make him jealous. What if you're really over him, he might be thinking, or maybe you found another guy? If you stop talking with him, he'll start wondering what's going on with you. You don't want him thinking you need him because he'll probably just get irritated and want nothing to do with you. Let some space develop between the two of you before trying the second tip.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #2

Next - like the song says, "don't worry, be happy!" Plan out your time so that you engage in a lot of things that make you happy, even if you're used to doing those things with your ex. Most men think that a woman can't have a good time without them. Some of his jealousy will be because he'll realize that you were happy because of something that had nothing to do with him. You'll also have an effect on him because a happy woman is more attractive, more sexy. There are probably all sorts of things you've been wanting to do, with or without your ex. So get out there and start doing them! Learn yoga, or start a workout program, or take a class. Spend more time with your friends! Get yourself a makeover - many women report that this is a very successful method to becoming happy without your ex. After your makeover, you'll be ready for the third step.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #3

The next tip to make him jealous is to invite him for dinner. You've got this happy, positive aura about you, and likely a new makeover as well, and it's time he saw them face-to-face. After a while of not seeing you or talking with you, won't it surprise him to find you happy, engaged and more attractive than ever? Bring him up to date on what you've been up to and make sure he sees how happy you are. Of course he'll be jealous. You're happy, perhaps happier than he remembers ever seeing you, and you did it without him! Enjoy your evening, but don't let anything serious happen. Tell him you want to stay friends.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #4

Next, date another man. Just because you're no longer seeing each other doesn't mean he won't get jealous when he knows you're seeing another man. Of course, getting involved with someone new will jeopardize your chances of getting back together with your ex, if that's your objective. You can have a lot of fun and accomplish your "make my ex jealous" objective by just going on harmless, friendly dates. Your ex will learn about this soon enough - sooner if you share some friends. He'll feel challenged if other men date you, because he'll think that they found something in you that he missed. Now before you embark on tip #5, be certain that you've dated enough to have a man you're comfortable with - you'll need him for tip #5.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #5

This final tip is well-known, but it invariably elicits a reaction! Make certain to bring a date to any function you know your ex will be attending. There are all sorts of such events, like parties and other celebrations, or community events you know your ex will be attending. The important thing is that your ex can see you and your date together. When you're sure your ex is aware that you're there with a date, you can flirt with your date. You know your ex, and so make sure you don't do anything that might make him lose his temper. An additional consideration is that you don't want to embarrass your date.

These tips are certain to drive your ex nuts with jealousy. They might even move him to want to date you again! Of course, he'll only get jealous if he still has feelings for you, but you'll have driven them to the surface. If there are no feelings there, of course, he won't get jealous, and your actions might even push him further away. Of course, if he got jealous, that means the feelings are there, and he's thinking of you - a lot. It's up to you now to decide if you want to get back together with him. 

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