What You Must Do Before Every Date

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Find out why exercising before your dates is the best way to eliminate nervousness and make yourself relaxed.

I know,Guest Posting I know....

The hours before a first date can be a tense time for you.  You want to make a great impression, but you're filled with nervous and tension.  And nothing you do is helping to reduce this level of anxiety.

Sounds familiar right?

Well being nervous before a first date is a common experience.  At some point in his life, EVERY guy has been wracked with anxiety about an upcoming date.  The good news, there is an easy to fix this…


Sounds simple right?

Well the problem is many guys don't think of this common sense advice.  As a result, they show up on their dates like a loaded gun.  When they start meet their date, they're so full of nervous energy that they end up scaring off woman.

So if you want to reduce your nervousness, then I urge you to exercise before each date.  All have to do is get in at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise for each date and you'll be more relaxed around women.

And in addition to being relaxed, you'll also receive a nice endorphin high.  This will put yourself in a positive mood which will bring out the confident guy within you.

In fact, I recommend you get into the habit of exercising in the late afternoon.  That way, you'll become accustomed to having that particular endorphin high right around the time you're meeting up for your date.

So if you want to reduce nervous energy and be in a great mood for your date, then I highly recommend you exercise beforehand.

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