What's A Single Girl To Do On Valentine's Day?

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Single this Saint Valentine's Day? Don’t beat yourself up! There are loads of opportunities waiting, now you just need an action plan!

Isn't February 14 a nightmare for single women? The entire globe is embracing love and you appear to be the only person all alone. It need not be that way. Let's explore ways for a fabulous single girl to get the most out of St Valentine's Day.

1. Liberation. Get the destructive beliefs out of your head - the only nemesis you need to overcome is yourself! It's all right to experience sadness. Avoid sugarcoating your feelings by appearing to be visually happy whilst internally you are suffering. Think of it this way,Guest Posting it's much better to be alone and single rather than being in an unhappy relationship feeling alone and trapped - at least as a single person you have options.

2. Express. Saint Valentine's Day is not only about romance, it's also a great time to demonstrate admiration of your friends, your Mum, Dad and yourself! Send Valentine's Day cards to the people you hold nearest and dearest, it's a pretty incredible way to spread good Karma.

3. Connect. If you are ready to shrug off your singles status, put yourself out there. A charming Prince is not likely to come knocking on your door regardless of how much faith you put in destiny or good fortune. There are numerous interest groups that share your passion which can be ideal for you to make friends. Twitter, Facebook and online dating sites are a great way to start. The popular dating sites host singles events in all major towns and cities.

4. Get active. If you're not a party person, physical training is a beneficial way to increase your vitality level and get you feeling good. Join the gym, make a commitment to yourself, make yourself a saleable item. If you learn to like yourself, others will to.

5. Indulge. Indulge yourself with a health spa session or relax in your own spa with feel good music - singing is not compulsory but it does make you feel good :) Add some aromatherapy candles to the mood. Spoil yourself to a good rub down then paint your toenails in fuchsia.

Why not choose a few suggestions from the list or try all of them. You really just never know, this may well be your last February 14 as a single person, so spend the day doing it your way.

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