Why Men Dump Women - Knowing Why Can Salvage Your Relationship

Oct 15


Larry Gate

Larry Gate

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Are you struggling with what to say to your ex boyfriend to get him back? Finding the right words to say in a situation like this can be a struggle. The problem is that this is generally a highly emotional and tense situation for both of you. It's far too easy to take one step further only to find yourself taking two or more steps in the wrong direction and losing any ground you've gained before.

It's important to understand why men dump women so that you can avoid being dumped for many of the usual suspects. Before you make all kinds of changes based on these reasons alone it's important that you understand they aren't the only reasons men leave women. They are simply some of the more common reasons men leave relationships behind.

1) Lack of admiration. In the beginning you were always stroking his ego. You told him what you liked about him. You made him feel as though you were hanging on his every word. Hey,Why Men Dump Women - Knowing Why Can Salvage Your Relationship Articles you may have been hanging on his every word. Somewhere along the way you stopped laughing at his jokes. You started ignoring what he was telling you and you no longer thought it was important to tell him why you were madly and deeply in love with him. He didn't feel as though you admired him anymore and he left.

2) Absence of adoration. Men and women express love differently. Women are more aural while men are much more tactile. A man expresses love through sex. While it may seem that men express pretty much any and every thing through sex withholding sex from a man is, to many men, the equivalent of telling him you don't love him any more. It's a blow to his ego and his heart. It doesn't mean you can never say no but avoid using sex as a weapon or a tool or it could backfire on you in a huge way.

3) R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Oh you know it. I'm talking about respect and a man needs to be respected in his playground. Lack of respect is the number one reason why men dump women. He needs to know, without a doubt, that you respect what he contributes and has to offer in the relationship. If you nag him all the time or constantly urge him to change he will not feel respected and will start looking at that greener grass elsewhere a little more intently.

Many of the other reasons that men state when leaving a relationship boil down to one of these three when all is said and done. Take a long hard look at your relationship and see where you might improve. If you make an effort to make sure that your man feels adored, appreciated, and respected you may never need to wonder why men dump women because it isn't likely to happen to you.