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Drip marketing is the process of sending out several promotional pieces consistently over a period of time to a targeted list. This direct mail marketing idea is aimed at staying in touch with your current and potential customers. It is essential to have them think of you when they, or someone they know, need your product/service.

Staying in touch with your customers is the best way to get repeat and referral business. Drip Marketing is the process of sending marketing materials,Guest Posting with educational or informational content, to ensure that when they, or someone they know, are ready to purchase they will automatically think of you.

It is well understood that it takes at least seven impressions before you and/or your product is recognized. Plan your drip marketing campaign with 8-10 mailings to go beyond being recognized and move in to being top-of-mind in your profession. To do this there are ways to get your promotional pieces seen and read.

Design your campaign so there is constant contact with your customers and prospects. Keep in mind that they want to be kept informed, educated, or understand something about your product or industry. When it comes to your business you know:
-how to perform in depth applications. Example: Follow-up a software purchase with advanced user tips and tricks so your customer will get more use from your program.
-how to use your product that may be a complimentary use your customer hasn't thought of. Example: "Our anti-static dryer sheets can also be used as drawer liners to keep your clothes smelling fresh."
-What your service includes besides what is customary. "As your Real Estate Agent I will show you houses, but also give you a tour of the surrounding community including schools, shopping complexes, restaurants, daycare, or whatever you'd like to see."

Provide this information in a quick and concise format.

Start with a graphic that will get the recipient to notice your mail piece as they sort through all of the direct mail they receive. Personalize the mail piece with the recipient's name, draft a headline that will ignite their attention and force them to read on, back-up your headline with a powerful statement that explains 'specifically' how your product/service will assist them, insert your picture so they feel like they know you, and have a strong call-to-action statement.

Segment your audience carefully. You may need to create sub-segments so the message you send to each segment is relevant for them. The campaign you create for your customers will be different than for potential customers. An effective drip marketing campaign requires that you send specific messages to specific audiences.

Here are several ways you can deliver your message. They include:
- versatile and affordable. Can be sent out as often as your marketing requires.
- provide in depth information about something valuable to your Customer.
- find a series that mails out to your customer each month. Be sure that the content is valuable to your customer.

Use the drip marketing technique to stay in front of your customer with valuable information for them. Use a variety of communication vehicles to keep them waiting to see what you'll provide them this time.

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