3 Easy Tips for Choosing Best Domain Name for Personal Website

Jan 26


Esha Zohal

Esha Zohal

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When establishing a personal website, choosing a domain name can be a challenging task because you want it to be error-free.


When establishing a personal website,3 Easy Tips for Choosing Best Domain Name for Personal Website  Articles choosing a domain name can be a challenging task because you want it to be error-free. An appropriate domain name is highly important since your website’s success is primarily based on your preferred domain. In case you didn’t choose the right name, you might have to change it later on which would be a more challenging task.

Therefore, try to choose the best domain name at first, so you don’t have to face difficulties while changing it. At the start, it seems difficult to select an appropriate and attractive domain name. However, invest some time, do a little research, and subsequently, you will be able to choose the best name. Besides, before buying a domain name, do research about the domain price in Pakistan.

Consequently, you will become familiar with the price range and then can easily choose the best domain name without disturbing your budget. So, in this article, we are sharing easy tips to choose the best domain name for your personal website.

Go For the .com Domain Extension

There are a lot of completely new domain name extensions easily available these days. You can find a variety of those extensions including the original .net, com, and .org to .blog, .pizza, and even .photography. It is generally suggested to choose a domain name having a .com domain extension. Though it seems to be appealing to choose unique names for your personal website utilizing new domain extensions. Yet .com domain extension is well-known, well-established, and trustworthy to choose from.

Newly available extensions such as .blog or .ninja can be unreliable. Moreover, .com extensions are highly remarkable. Numerous individuals, particularly the ones who are not well aware of new dimensions generally type ".com" at the end of each domain name. In case your personal website is like a john.blog and your visitors mistakenly type it as john.blog.com, an error page will open up. So, it is suggested to use the .com domain extension when choosing a domain name.

Use Keywords but Don’t Use Double Letters in Your Domain Name 

Keywords are highly significant in a domain name. By adding specific keywords in the domain name, you can let the search engines know about your website. Along with the great content and incredible UX (user experience), keywords can assist in ranking your website in the search engines. It is highly challenging to get the best domain name including specific keywords and that is not previously taken by someone else.

So, you should be very creative and join particular keywords to create an attractive domain name. Moreover, it is recommended not to use multiple letters in your domain name. Multiple letters will increase the possibility of losing traffic to your site due to typing errors. Avoiding multiple letters in your domain name will make it simple, easy, and memorable.

Choose a Domain Name That’s Short, Simple to Pronounce and Spell

There is no doubt that keywords play a significant role, however, don't make your domain name very lengthy. The best approach is to keep your domain name simple, short, and unforgettable. It is highly recommended to choose a domain name consisting of less than fifteen characters. Lengthy names are very difficult for all of us to recall. In addition, individuals will make more spelling mistakes with lengthy names.

Consequently, it will lead to a decrease in traffic to your site. That is the reason it’s advised to choose a short domain name. Moreover, the domain name must be simple, so you can easily pronounce and spell it. If your domain name is difficult and you can’t memorize it properly, then how could you expect it from your users. Therefore, keep it simple and short to generate more traffic.