The important guidline for domain name selection

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Choosing domain name for your website is very important and first step to i try to explain four main point as below:

1. Short.
A best domain name should be shorter for two reasons: it is memorable and it is easy to spell without error. 

2. Memorable
But not all short URLs are memorable. it is only memorable to a handful of company insiders. Now if you're SAP,Guest Posting then using initials for your domain name makes sense; that's how your customers know you. But most of the time, using initials for your domain name is a most unmemorable and customer-unfriendly approach to business.
If the domain name makes no sense in and of itself it is not memorable, and your customers won't be able to remember what in the world it is.

3. Related to Your Core Business
The very best domain name should be one you can guess. if your business name is too clumsy, look for something that relates to your business.

4. Hard to Misspell
my fourth criterion may seem obvious -- hard to misspell -- but you'd be surprised how many domain names are tough to spell if you've only heard it orally. many people are poor spellers. Still others are poor typists. Combine them together and you're better off with a short, memorable, logical, easy-to-spell domain name.
If you always have to explain how to spell your domain name, then it's not a very good one. Which leads us to another issue.

Buy Alternate Domain Names Now
If you're a very small business, you'll wish you had purchased the common misspellings of your company name, or at least the .net and .org versions. If you're successful, your competitors may make a nice living off the traffic from poor spellers who
intended to get to your site but weren't apt with the alphabet. If someone tries to register a domain name for a trademarked word, they probably won't prevail if it goes to court..
though they might settle for a tidy sum out of court if they have nerves of steel.Won't multiple domain names for your business just confuse people? No. You should only advertise one, but you use the others to bring traffic, and point all the domain names
to the one site. If you are using search engine positioning and gateway pages to increase traffic, you might consider listing at least some of the gateway pages on another domain.
You might gain an advantage on some search engines by using search words prominently in your name.The investment in multiple domain names is small compared to the potential marketing value to your company. Consider obtaining all the possible combinations now before they are
taken and your potential customers end up far from the investment in multiple domain names are good thing for perticular last for conclusion there is some complexity in finding a good domain name for your company's website, but in essence it's may be simple and easy to following very important steps which are 1-short, 2-memorable, 3-related to the business name or core business, and
4-hard to misspell

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