ICANN: Final Procedure for Designating Subsequent net-domains Registry Operator

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ICANN is ... that a new operator for the ... registry will be ... in March 2005. The whole process for the ... is similiar to the ... of the ... to a new r

ICANN is reporting,Guest Posting that a new operator for the net-domains registry will be designated in March 2005. The whole process for the net-domains is similiar to the transition of the org-domains to a new registry.
According to ICANN the current Registry Agreement between ICANN and VeriSign, Inc. concerning the net-domains was signed in May 2001, and will expire on 30 June 2005. The agreement concerning the net-domain provides that ICANN, no later than 30 June 2004, will adopt an open and transparent procedure for designating a new Registry Operator of net-domains.

The final procedure of reassignment has been developed through a process containing a public comment period. After review of many comments about the net-domain in the public comment period, the draft procedure was developed by the ICANN Board of Directors at the 29 June 2004 Board Meeting.
ICANN says, that a new registry for the net-domains will be appointed in March 2005 after a broad public discussion of the proposals.
In former times only provider could register net-domains. Nowadays anybody can register net-domains. Net-domains are very often registered by webmasters who see in their website(s) a kind of network.
ICANN accredited registrar Secura is going on to register net-domains, independend of the fact who will be the new net-domains registry. Secura will get a new contract with the new registry, similiar to the contract with the new org-domains registry, Public Interest Registry.
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