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If you have a domain name that you are not using, or a site that you have to take down for some reason, then the traffic that goes to that site is doing you no good at all. Instead of leaving the domain blank, or letting your hosting company (Like GoDaddy) get free publicity on your page, you can make money off your pages by letting a domain parking company place ads on your page that will be displayed to any visitors. You still own the website and the domain, you just let them put ads on the pages for however long you want.

Just simply park your domain on sedo,Guest Posting then point your domain name to sedo server or redirect the domain to address something like :

Then, Conveniently receive your monthly payments via Paypal once your earnings have reached only $20! If you do not have paypal sedo will send you an international wire transfer, anywhere in the world at no additional cost (earnings must reach $50 for wire transfer payments).

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