Domain Naming for Prosperity

Jan 22


Pavel Lenshin

Pavel Lenshin

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Domain Naming for ... (c) by Pavel ... little has been told. The things that I’ve heard make iteven worse. Better nothing, then ... me your Domain name and I will tell y


Domain Naming for Prosperity.
copyright (c) by Pavel Lenshin

Too little has been told. The things that I’ve heard make it
even worse. Better nothing,Domain Naming for Prosperity Articles then worse.

Tell me your Domain name and I will tell you how successful
you are.

For the last couple of months I’ve heard many arguments
claiming that my domain name should be based on keywords
relevancy, you web-site focused on.
Let me ask you why?

The answer is obvious, these SE “experts” project that this
tactic will help to raise your Web-site SE ranking on
several positions up. In other words, they advise me to pick
up a name for my whole Internet Business as well as my
Web-Site, with the only aim to have a chance to suite, trick
or cheat SEs. Wow, I must be hating my own business!

Let me ask you another question: why there is Coca-Cola
instead of Candy Water or Mercedes Benz instead of
Comfortable Car? Do you still want to name your eBook
selling Web-Site something similar to instead
of a real Brand name for your business? Don’t you know why
there is, and instead of, or Imagine that you are
a real car manufacturer. Are you going to name your car
“Fast Car” or give some really unique name?

I may guarantee you that these keyword tricks will bring you
nowhere. While keyword based domain name or other tactics
like expressive use of

tags instead of

may raise
the relevancy for that particular keyword in the short-term
prospective, you cannot rely on these tricks forever,
because if you do, other guy will outsmart you simply by
having more web-pages with more valuable information and

tags along with white text on white background
tricks won’t help.

Don’t forget also that SE indexing algorithms are constantly
changing and what proved to working yesterday, may not work

Besides HTML code may be easily changed, bad domain name
cannot, at least, for a year, so you had better give your
business a domain name it deserves, with a strong Brand and
USP from the very beginning! There is no brand in “eBook
Selling Site” or “Best Search Engine Traffic”, no one will
ever remember you! So be smart and chose the right name for
your e-business. Done with that!

2. Next. No arguments that your business name should be
relatively short. Your domain name does not differ, it
should be the same or even shorter. If your domain consists
of three or more words try to use appropriate acronyms or
Don’t suggest you to use “hyphens”, “misspellings” or
“numbers” (if your official business name doesn’t have
them). These “eye-soaping” won’t positively influence your
business image also.

Is it difficult to create another “Google”? No. Is it
difficult to imagine “Overture” instead of PPC Search
Engine? No, billion times "no". What you need is time, wit
and imagination. If you don’t have something of the
mentioned, then ask someone who has. Tell you the truth, I
have very small vocabulary, so for my next project I
will search Webster, Latin dictionary or try to ask friends
about some useful ideas on that subject. Just make sure your
domain wouldn’t be translated as something stupid on the
language of the country you are planning to work with. Can
it be even easier?

3. Third point. How to check what you domain name is worth?
Imagine that your business has reached a billion dollar
status, you have a corporate skyscraper with an extremely
big corporate flag 100-by-100 meters wide (3,000-3,000 feet
wide) that is hanging on the very top of your building with
the name of your business on it. So does the name that you
have imagined suit that corporate flag of a billion dollar

The domains like,,, or even are perfect examples of what
direction you should move. or are the worst examples of the domain
names you can ever imagine.

Answer another question. Does your domain leave some “taste”
in the minds of your visitors, or it is “just another one”
name? Does your domain as well as WS transfer any hidden or
obvious message or is it “flat” and simple as a log?
Remember: your branding policy of the WS and Domain name
should provoke emotions, thought, curiosity or desire. is pay per click search engine. I
know that, you know that, what next? tries to
make your subconscious imagination work. It has unique
abstract inner meaning. Wake me up in the middle of the
night and I will tell you that Overture is the best PPCSE,
despite the fact that Overture’s meaning has very slight
connection to what a PPCSEs really are.

4. The domain name you choose shouldn’t offend your auditory
and be liked by You. In other words, try to avoid “angels”
in dealing with public and make your name you are proud of.
The last notice is very important. Everything that is
connected with your company even including the look of PC
you are working on should arouse positive and pleasant
emotions only. You should be proud of your own business like
the majority of Americans are proud of The United States.

Well, like I said, your business goes the same way it is
called. Are you fond of your name? I hope you are.