The Truth about Domain Name Registration-All you Ought to Know

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Your domain name can be accessed by people who may steal. This saddens when solicitors get your website contacts information that ICANN maintains and use it market there own business without your consent. You can prevent them from getting this information.

Today I want to tell you how you can simply register domain name for your online business. Hey! Hold on for a second... I am not saying that I am going to choose a website name for you.

All you’re going to learn here are the necessary tips that will help you to register domain name. So let’s discuss together…

Do you know that your website name can be accessed by anyone including spammers? It saddens when solicitors get your website contacts from ICANN database and use it to do marketing without your consent. To stop them from getting this contact information,Guest Posting register your domain name under private registration.

Be knowledgeable about domain Registration Company you are going to register your online business name with. Review these questions before selecting a Registrar Company. How does the company operate? For how has it operated? Is the company accredited by ICANN? Is the company one of the unscrupulous companies? The domain registrar company and web hosting company should not be the same. This is to avoid disagreements later.

Two Steps of Registering Domain Name

The first step before registering a name is to know if it’s available. The Second step is to register it. Begin the first step by doing a search on ‘Whois.’ Type the name plus the suffix without including the http:// and www part. Click the Whois search button. After clicking that button, you will know whether that name is available or already taken. If it’s not registered, then it’s all yours and you need to hurry to the next step.

In the second step, your registrar company will provide you with a form to fill the required details. Enter your desired name on that form and choose the extension you’d like. Then hit the search button. Select the number of years you want to register your domain name.

You can register it for more than one year but not more than ten years according to ICANN rules. If you register it for more than one year, you might save some money due to the discount allowed by registrar company.

Select your payment method. You have the following options; credit card, Pay pal, check, master card, discover and visa. It takes up to 4-8 hours for dot com and dot net domains to be activated and about 24-48 hours for other domain extensions.

Now you have a name for your business. You fully own it till it expires. If you don’t renew it, then you will not be the owner any more. So, note the expiration date so that to renew it on time.

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