Good Decision Making Through Critical Thinking

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Good decision making solves many problems effectively. This is brought by thinking critically. Through this, friendship bond is strengthened. There exists a difference between thinking critically and just thinking. Today I want us to discuss some ways that you should make use of.

Good decision making when with friends comes from critical thinking. We all think but do we think critically? So what is critical thinking? It is the art of thinking about your thinking while you are thinking in order to make your thinking better,Guest Posting more clear, more accurate and more defensive. From this definition, then there are a times we find ourselves in arguments. The outcome whether we solved the argument successfully is what matters. When in any argument one may think wisely or stupidly but it is cool to think wisely.

Now you want to ask if there is a difference between thinking and critical thinking. Yes, there is…thinking is said to be causal and informal while critical thinking does with evaluating the quality of thinking.

Today I want us to cover on how you go about good decision making through critical thinking wherever you find yourself arguing with your friends. Of course, arguments are there, they are normal in life and as such there is nothing wrong with them. For instance, you may find friends arguing about which place to visit during their vacation or which video games to play. If any argument is not handled wisely, then it may weaken or destroy the friendship bond forever-changing the status from friends to enmity. I know this is not what you want to happen to you, so there are more than one way on how to go about thinking critically.

Six Ways to Think Critically

1. Isolate Facts from Opinions. When in an argument with a friend, first you should isolate facts from opinions. Opinions by your friend or from you may not be true but facts leads to good decision making.

2. Having Assumptions. Assumptions are what you ought to gather. These assumptions will greatly aid you in solving the argument wisely.

3. Be a Good Listener. Listen carefully what your friend is saying. Be patient when that friend of yours is talking by not interrupting her. From this talking, you’ll gather a lot of information that assists you in good decision making.

4. Avoid Making Abrupt Conclusions. Don’t be tempted in making conclusions quickly, give a thoroughly revisions of the information that you have gained from the argument. If you rush to a conclusion, then chances of making wrong decisions are very high.

5. Do Away With Emotions. When in an argument you or your friend may get emotional. However, all sorts of emotions should be done away with when thinking critically.

6. Knowing the Truth. From the information you have accumulated, it should be able to lead you in finding the truth. Don’t perceive yourself to be right, but rather let all the facts, assumptions and opinions reveal the truth.

Now you have the tips to use, so use them wherever you find yourself arguing with friends.

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