Is There Still Money Left in the Domain Name Gold Mines?

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In the past years, people have sold domain name for thousands and millions of dollars. College students registered names and sold them to people. Most people are asking if domains are still being sold the same amount amounts.

You might be shocked to learn that a domain name can be sold for extreme prices. In the past years,Guest Posting mere college students used to register short names and sell them for higher amounts. You might think these individuals were merely lucky; however, there may be some things you do not know. So the question that still lingers, is there still money left in the domain gold mines? There is still money in them! Recently some have been sold for thousands of dollars. The first thing you want to look at is what makes a domain sellable and priceless.

Five Things Which Make Domain Names sellable and Priceless:

1. Everyday life words; generic terms.

2. Look at the extension, is it popular? Dot com, dot net, dot org?

3. Less is more-four or five characters at most.

4. How it is pronounced-do not use a random grouping of letters that are unpronounceable.

5. Typing ease-for example tryu is much easier than oqzk, if you are looking for brand able consider this option.

One of the problems with using generic terms is the fact that most are already taken. That leaves you to figure out how to find other words. Try this handy little tip, sit with your pen and paper ready, even when watching a movie or television. When you think of possible domain names, write them down. You can do this any time really, while watching “Terminator” or even reading a good book. You would be amazed how many good ideas you can get while relaxing.

Extensions are a big deal as well. You may have a great word, which is already registered with a commercial extension. When this happens you can try other TLD's, however this can be risky. It is possible to register a domain name like or, but or might be a different story. It will take considerable forethought in other words.

When it comes to character count, if you happen to come across on a three-letter domain name, grab it! These have great marketability, however for the moment they’re none available. This leaves you with choosing four or five character names. Take your domain names and apply the above test questions and if it passes with flying colors, go for it!

Whether or not your domain name can actually be spoken is important. For those who do not excel at English there are websites that can help, such as or an online dictionary. Plug in your chosen name and go from there.

Try not to get bummed out if your words are not listed. Talk to others you may know or chat with them about words you are unsure of, just make sure it is someone not interested in domains. Otherwise you run the risk that the person you’re talking to may register it before you get a chance.

Finally, the keyboard relationship aspect. Companies of all types look into this aspect. When prosperous companies are willing to spend money searching for domains that fit this criterion, you should pay attention. This may be just the ticket to success. Like mentioned above tyru is a great deal easier to type than oqzk, give it a shot and you’ll see.

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