"7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales!" Part 4

Jul 27


Bluedolphin Crow

Bluedolphin Crow

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Secret #4: Creating ... articles will ... eBook ... 2004 ... Crow - All Rights ... the experts finally agreed on ... Writing articles about your


Secret #4: Creating passionate articles will explode
your eBook sales!

Copyright 2004 Bluedolphin Crow - All Rights Reserved.


All the experts finally agreed on something. Writing
articles about your eBook can be one of the most
successful ways of eMarketing.

However,"7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales!" Part 4 Articles one of the biggest problems on online is
learning how to write a great article. You should
not just type any old thing and call it an article.

First, you must put your passion, your personality
into the article. In addition here are some steps
to follow to explode your eBook sales using free

Step 1: Generate an article idea that everyone will
want to read about. Review your eBook and look for
the benefits that your eBook provides to the readers.
Make a list of these benefits.

Now, take one benefit at a time and create an article.
This will assure you of generating an article idea
that people want to read about.

Step 2: Write a simple outline. Once you have your
first benefit idea selected. Take another sheet of
paper and write a simple outline for that idea. This
will give you the beginning content for your article.
Later we will "fill in the blanks" of this simple
outline to create the article itself.

Step 3: Choose a killer title that will draw attention.
This is one of the most important aspects of your article.
Without a killer title, your article will be passed over
for another.

Now what do I mean killer title? What I mean is a title
that has a benefit stated in it and draws peoples

Answer these three questions to help you write that
killer title.

1.Does the title draw a reader to take a look?

2.Does the title promise to solve a need for
the reader?

3.Does the title offer specific information?

Another way to start writing killer titles is to write
at least 20 to 100 titles for each article to start.
Then review other people's article titles. Then review
your list and select your best killer title. I will tell
you from my own experience that the more titles I write
for an article, the better my title becomes. I have
never used any of the first few titles when doing the
above exercise.

Step 4:

Grab your readers with an attention-grabbing opening
sentence. You can use either a statement or a question
here. The idea here is to not only grab the readers'
attention. It's also to keep it.

The best way I have learned to write an attention-grabbing
opening sentence is to go online to an article directory
and read the opening sentences to articles with a similar
topic. I then discover which opening sentences are
attention-grabbing and which are not.

Once I've done this I find it really easy to get my
attention-grabbing sentence out of the way.

Step 5: State the primary purpose of the article by
introducing a problem. By looking at your main benefit
again you can turn it around into a problem. What is it
like without the benefit? Here it is best to use a
statement rather than a question.

If you are having trouble with this step simply write
out an answer to this statement:
"One of the biggest problems..." Use this to jar your
idea centers in your mind. You can also begin your
primary purpose statement this way. Look at the
beginning of this article for an example.

Step 6: Take out the sheet of paper that has your
outline on it. Now, write two to four sentences for
each part of your outline. Imagine for a moment that
a 7 year old has asked you about your article. How
would you explain it to that child? Great! Now use
that in your article.

Most ezine publishers and owners like articles between
400 to 500 words. They also want it formatted to between
60 and 65 characters per line, including spaces.

I have found it best to use "notepad" when beginning to
write out my articles and NOT a word processing program.
This way there is NO formatting in the article. It is
just the article in plain text.

Another point here is to use the word "you" a lot. You
want the reader to feel comfortable while reading.

Step 7: Include two to three free resources that the
reader can find online to illustrate and/or highlight
your article content. Using this of course is only if
it is appropriate to your article content.

Step 8: Write a resource box for the end of your article.
Make this between 4 to 8 lines max. Here is where you
tell a little bit about yourself and then highlight your
website or email address. See the bottom of this article
for an example of a resource box. It is the information
that follows, "about the author," below.

Step 9: And finally, with your article written it is time
to reread and rewrite. I have found that reading it aloud
and/or having one or two other people read it helps a lot
at this stage.

Don't run into a problem many beginning article writers
fall into. Many of them don't like something
they wrote and try to begin again. STOP! Don't begin
again. Simply edit around the copy that flows.

Step 10: Now last but definitely not least, reread your
article for grammar mistakes and use spell check one last
time! This IS the most important step.

Once your article is done you should do the following
two things.

1. Submit your article to "article announce" services
online. An article announce service is a email service
that posts articles for everyone. You have to be a member
to submit your article. Once you join you can post your
articles as you have them completed. Usually only one
article submission to each of the announce services per day.

Writers, Publishers and Website owners watch the articles
being announced for content that they can use.

When you join these services, it is best to use a second
email address. This way the large numbers of articles you
will be receiving will not interrupt your personal and
business email.

Here are a few article announce services to subscribe to.
After you email them to subscribe, READ the email they
send you and FOLLOW the directions on formatting your
article for each of them. This will increase your ability
of having your articles published in these services.

I have listed only article announce services that are
located at Yahoo eGroups. After you have subscribed and
read each email you receive. Go to this URL to post
your articles:


Article Announce groups:

Article Announce


Articles Archive

Free Content

NOTE: to subscribe simply send a blank email to each of
the addresses above.

Ok Great! Now its time to submit your article to online
article archives and article directories. Article
directories and archives are web sites that contain
hundreds and thousands of articles from all over the
world. Once you post your article at one of these
locations your articles will be in front of thousands
of readers, Publishers, writers and website owners.

Here are three to get you started:




Well that's it for today.

Thank you for reading. Have a great week!

Bluedolphin Crow