Do Romance Writers find it hard to get published?

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In an already competitive industry where it is really hard to get published. How does a romance novelist stand out from the crowd?

Erotic Books published.According to romance author Adrienne Basso finding a good agent is necessary for a successful career.But the hard part getting an agent to read your books,Guest Posting which is extremely difficult as on average an agent receives 600 - 1000 manuscripts every month of which typically only 1 gets published.It really is like winning a lottery right? But that is an average in the whole publishing industry.The numbers are steeper for those who write Romance Books, this is partially due to the huge interest in the romance genre and partially because of wannabe writers who want to put their love story in a book.Basso also admits it is almost impossible to get your manuscript accepted in the first submission or with the first agent you find, this is a bitter truth of print publishing which many authors failed to realize.However the time is changing and the winds are blowing in the favor of the writers.With the popularity of eBooks and almost 12% annual rise in the number of households with a digital reader in America, writers now have a great opportunity to get published.There are far more opportunities for digital book publishing than for print versions.In fact, many authors of eBooks are actually self published, meaning that they sell their work either directly to consumers, or by using third party networks like ClickBank and Amazon.Authors who are having trouble getting a publisher to pay attention to their work may try the electronic route first.If your eBooks become successful, you may even have editors and publishers contacting you and asking whether you would like to partner up with them to publish some print books.Sure there are hurdles to cross before you can reach the same level of success as that of a print published author or even a NYT bestseller.Not to forget that you will have to take care of formatting, editing and of course marketing your works if you go the digital path.Of course you can always hire someone to that but then again you can also keep trying to get an agent.Romance writers should remember that the harder it is to get published, the greater are the rewards and the law of demand and supply will always work out.At the end of the day all you have to do is write a really good romance bookBusiness Management Articles, the rest will take care of itself.

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