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As a Kindle owner, you now have a better understanding of your electronic book reader, and, for sure, by now you have realized the functionality of this incredible device. The two games that the Kindle is actually hiding is a surprise to a lot of owners as well.

The Kindle reader is an eBook reader from Amazon. It is a wireless reading device that allows users to download and read electronic books,Guest Posting magazines, newspapers, and even blogs. A Kindle owner can carry his or her entire library in this single kindle reader device. A whole new generation of book enthusiasts is getting interested, and impressed, with what this little gadget has to offer.With all it amazing new features, Amazon’s latest Kindle is already quite appealing to a lot of voracious readers. The improved E-Ink Pearl Display Technology, the larger internal memory capacity, and the smaller and slimmer appearance of the device, are just among the features that make this wireless reading device quite impressive. However, are you aware that the new Kindle has functional shortcuts and hidden features? Most Kindle owners do not know this, but the Kindle 3 is much more than just an eBook reader.The Kindle’s menu button, for example, is not just for accessing the menu list. When you press it, you can see the current time displayed on the top-center of the screen. If you press the menu button while on the home screen, you will also be able to see the remaining free memory of your electronic book reader displayed on the top-left of the display screen, expressed in megabytes.The new Kindle reader also has reading shortcuts that a lot of owners may not be aware of. When you are reading an eBook, you can skip to the beginning of the next chapter by pressing the “Right Arrow” key on the directional pad. If you wish to go back to the beginning of the previous chapter, simply press the “Left Arrow” key. If you want to add a bookmark, all you have to do is press and hold the “Alt” button while you press the “B” button. The bookmark will then be positioned where the cursor is located on that particular page.While reading, would you like to turn on the “text-to-speech” feature of your wireless reading device? You can do so by pressing the “Shift” key together with the “Sym” key. The application will then start reading exactly where the cursor rested on the page. Pressing the same key combination will stop the function. Listening to your collection of mp3 files is also a breeze. All you have to do is press “Alt + Spacebar” and the player will then open.For many Kindle owners, having a better insight on this amazing electronic book reader makes the overall experience a bit more satisfying and fun. The two hidden games that come with this new Kindle will surely surprise many Kindle owners. Just by pressing “Shift + Alt + M” will open “Minesweeper”, and the “GoMoku” game can only be accessing through “Minesweeper” by pressing “G”. Knowing all these Kindle secrets will certainly give you an edge over you friends and fellow Kindle owners.

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