Romantic and Erotic Books – Is Popularity Waning?

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There is a big debate going on the declining popularity of romance and erotic books. This article examines whether this is true or not. 

There are usual talks going around in many blogs discussing the present trends in the genre as which is the most happening novel and such.Many individuals on the internet have commented that romance and especially,Guest Posting the erotic genre is in a cold state currently. The reasons attributed to this are diverse.The major reason attributed by the majority of blogs is the dilution of the genre by the increasing presence of Romanticism and Eroticism in other genres of books.The other genres that include science fiction, historical and paranormal are now using erotic and romantic tinge in them.This has blurred the distinction as to which genre these novels should be classified as.For example, you will find some books that talk about vampires or ghosts, but that have a strong romantic angle to them, rather than one that deals strictly with an adventure about the paranormal. A lot of readers can agree that many other genres are trickling down erotic and romance aspects in them.However, these books do not do such a good job of showcasing all of the emotions that one can get in Romance Books.No other book in any other genre can make the reader experience such feelings.It is only in the romantic books and especially in Erotic Books, where it is possible to completely push the boundaries and reject any restraining of emotions and desires of the characters.These erotic books will often contain content that would be deemed too graphic or sexual to be sold in a regular book that you can find at your local book seller. However, there are some reasons that are put forward by people who are experts on literature regarding the perceived decline of popularity when it comes to romance books.Due to the widespread availability of pornographic material which can be freely accessed and downloaded on the internet, the general reading public has tuned to realism and the new genre of hyperrealism.Many suggest that with the high rise of terrorism, economic depression and many other global problems, the imaginary power of people has turned cold.A lot of people now seem to focus on events that are more real and are affecting our current world, rather than on purely imaginary stories. Then there are many, who suggest that romance and erotic books were always a special genre, which was never so popular with the general readers.As such, even if sales of such books may have declined somewhat in the past few years, erotic literature and romance books will always have readers who are interested in them.As suchFree Web Content, these genres are likely to remain popular with a certain sub group of readers and are not likely to die out any time soon.

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