The $10,000 Auction for Ebay Success

Nov 16


Cody Tessmer

Cody Tessmer

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Solid Foolproof System with a much higher value than you are able to recieve the product!$10,000 Auction

This book has claimed to make the author a whopping $50,000 in Sales! He sold each book on ebay with a $10 buy it now price. That is 5,000 SALES! This book will guide you step by step on exactly how it was done down to a T. Yes like everyone he admits he made a mistake in his auction listing but reveals that very mistake in this book and shows you how to avoid it. I am in no way affiliated with the author but i purchased this book about a year ago for $10.00 and now am able to resell for a fraction of that. I am willing to let this ebook go for $4.99 a copy!  This is a 26 page book that is jam packed with needed information.Get the book now! $10,000 Auction

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