The Unknown (Nonfiction)

Oct 10


Joe Minervino

Joe Minervino

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This autobiographical, supernatural, thriller is about one persons’ struggle through an abusive and violent childhood. The author pens one traumatic episode after episode for survivals' sake, to find healing and inner-peace.


The Unknown,The Unknown (Nonfiction) Articles a work of non-fiction, will inspire, motivate, and entertain all audiences.  The main character struggles through an abusive childhood, which ultimately sets him up for failure as he grows up.  With an abusive relationship, or relationships, comes inner-conflict and demons which Joe must face in order to become a better, stronger person.

Joseph Minervino, author of The Unknown, tells his story which takes place in a combination of New York City and Connecticut.  His original intentions when writing this book, unable to “shake-off” his eerie past, was for self-healing purposes. 

Joe sees the abuse within his home through his lunatic father and psychopathic mother, and how it eventually pushes his identical twin brother off the edge.  He also sees the abuse in the outside world; within schools, companies, government, and religion.  Disgusted and angry, he rises up against evil, finding himself in a position to make a difference.

Overall, The Unknown takes a closer look at abuse, its’ counterparts, and even digs a little deeper regarding genocide and terrorism…  Clearly, there’s much room for improvement.  For additional information, or to inquire, please visit

The Unknown – after three years of tunneling – is an in-depth, intelligently written book, that most will find intriguing, educational, and surprisingly entertaining. 

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