Top Romance Books of 2010

Feb 23


Carmella Borchers

Carmella Borchers

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Reading romance books are a pastime enjoyed by many people. This article takes a look at four of the top romance novels from 2010.


Romance Books offer people a chance to escape into a world of love and all of the escapades it involves.When reading Romance Novels it is easy to get captured by the story of two people trying to figure out how to be together.Through whimsical tales of lust,Top Romance Books of 2010 Articles tragedy, and romance, authors of romance books are able to keep the reader captivated throughout the whole story.Some of the best romance book authors include Nora Roberts and Debbie Macomber who have ruled the top of the bestselling lists for the past few years.Below are a few of the best romance books of 2010.The Naughty Angel and Her Three Very Wise Men, Trinity Blacio It was written long ago, in a world far away from Earth.To the three wise men, dragon shifters, would be born their mate, an Angel, and together these four would bring peace among the many different species that inhabit the worlds far and great.Their children would be the hope for mankind.As with every destiny, however, someone will try to prevent it.Can this Christmas Angel keep her mates hearts and souls close to her to save them all? A Hellion in Her Bed, Sabrina Jeffries One of the more Erotic eBooks of the year is A Hellion in Her Bed. This book reveals the character of Jarret Sharpe, who is a notorious gambler.His parents have passed away and he has agreed to settle down and take over the family business.As a gambler he cant resist a wager from the beautiful Annabel Lake.She wagers that she can beat him in a game of cards.If she wins, he has to save her familys business; if he wins she will spend a night with him.Savor the Moment, Nora Roberts As one of the most well-known authors of romance books, Nora Roberts offers the third book in her bride quartet series.If you have read the first two books in the series, it is now time to find love for Laurel.Laurel is the wedding baker in the group of women who run one of the most successful wedding planning businesses in the area.Laurel has a quick temper and when she goes off on her crush from childhood Delaney, it leads to a hot and steamy kiss.During the book she will need to discover herself in order to find true love.Hannahs List, Debbie Macomber With this wonderful story about a widowed doctorHealth Fitness Articles, Debbie Macomber shows why she is one of the top-selling authors of romance books year after year.Dr.Everett receives a note from his wife who has recently passed away.This letter tells him that she wants him to find love again.She has even chosen three women for him to start with.During this time Dr.Everett starts to learn more about himself and realizes one of the women just might be exactly what he is looking for.When looking for a romance novel there are thousands of choices.These four women have topped the list for 2010 with these bestsellers.Of course there are many more great romance books from the year.Starting with a book from one of these authors is sure to offer an entertaining read and from there it is easy to discover the wonderful genre of romance books.