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Let's say you've put together a real kick-ass ... that makes The Ramones sound like a bunch of choir ... finished ... off an ... of rockin' tunes and you're ready to launch

Let's say you've put together a real kick-ass rock
group that makes The Ramones sound like a bunch of
choir boys!

You've finished polishing off an album-full of
rockin' tunes and you're ready to launch your
3-chord wonders on an unsuspecting world.

The problem is,Guest Posting you're still recording in your
mom's garage and the only ones who've ever heard
you play are the neighbors -- and they called
the cops!

So, you log on the Internet in search of
information on how to promote your group. Along
the way you find two ebooks for sale that are
exactly what you're looking for.

The first one is called "Promoting a rock group
on the Internet".

The second one is called "How to make your rock
group famous using the Internet".

Now, ask yourself, which of these titles would
tempt you the most.

I don't know about you, but to my mind the second
title is far more appealing.

The first one promises to tell you how to promote
your band, but that's all. It describes what the
book does very effectively but it doesn't fire the
imagination. It sounds a lot like hard work without
convincing you that your band will be famous if you
read it.

The second title, however, promises exactly what
you want. At the end of the day, you don't want
to 'promote' your band, you just want to make your
band 'famous'. In other words it promises the
BENEFITS that you're looking for.

Both titles could be used on the exact same ebook
but the second one will be many times more successful
than the first because people don't buy features,
they buy benefits. I'll say it again: People don't
buy features, they buy benefits!

And that rule doesn't just apply to ebook titles -
it applies to every single aspect of your marketing
and promotion.

Every time you create a title, write a sales letter,
create an advertisement, or build a web page keep that
rule in mind: "PEOPLE BUY BENEFITS". It's the single
most important thing to know in marketing. Understand
this point and you will succeed.

To sum up, always keep in mind that the title of your
ebook is vitally important to its success.

An ebook with a title that catches the attention of the
potential customer and promises a benefit to that
customer, will be infinitely easier to sell than an
ebook with a 'descriptive' title.

Your title should do all the following:

- It should attract your potential customer's attention.
- It should clearly show what your book is about.
- It should arouse your potential customer's interest
and/or curiosity.
- It should promise BENEFITS to the potential customer.

Put yourself in the position of the potential customer.
Ask yourself what would attract you in a title. Take a
look at other titles that cover the same subject area.
Which ones are best? Which are the ones you would most
like to buy? Which ones promise the biggest benefits?
What is it about these titles that make them better than
the others?

Do you know someone else who is interested in the same
subject? If so, ask yourself which title would interest
him/her. Which title would you feel happy and comfortable
telling him/her about?

Finally, keep your title as short as possible and use a
sub-title to drive home other benefits. For example,
"How to make your rock group famous using the Internet"
with the sub-title "The secrets to rock promotion that
will have the major labels scrambling to sign you up".

Remember, it doesn't matter what the subject, you can
create a sellable ebook in just a few hours. Give it a
title that promises BENEFITS to the target market and
then TARGET that market, and you're guaranteed to

Hey Ho! Let's Go!

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