5 Mistakes That Destroy Your Online Income

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Learn 5 pitfalls to avoid when starting a business on the internet. You can also relate some of these pitfalls to offline businesses too in some cases.

There are so many online business owners out there that are using ancient marketing tactics and newbies are picking up these bad habits as they learn more and more about marketing a business online.

There are also many other more modest pitfalls that devastate businesses in general and not just on the internet. For the purpose of this article the majority of these mistakes that I am going to take you through I have either made myself at some point,Guest Posting so I know first hand what I am talking about, or I have seen someone else make the same mistake somewhere along the line in their own business.

There are so many things to learn as you are building a business on the internet and learning from mistakes is the best way to make progress. It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned business owner and marketer, you may well resonate with what I am saying, but you may also learn something new, you just never know!

Okay so lets begin, here are the mistakes that are often made while building a new business on the internet and destroy your online income:

1. Pushing your product/service

Now this one may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at just how many people are still doing this. Once upon a time it was a common strategy to just spam the guts out of different forums, groups, classified ad sites and many more similar sites, to simply gain exposure for your business and do it in the hope that people would click on the link to your website. Nowadays not only does Google despise this and they will penalise you for doing so, but people see right through it now and many will just roll their eyes at your efforts. You may even recieve some rather unpleasant words from other marketers because the fact is, the more spam you create on the web, the harder you make other peoples lives to actual market effectively. Be warned, lead with value or recieve the Google slap!

2. Not Building A List

Again, it may seem like a given to create an email list of subscribers, but is everyone doing it? No. Business owners and entrepreneurs online often ignore this fact or simply don't realise the potential, nor do they realize that the true value of a business is in its list. You can start yourself off by creating an opt in page through a site like mysimpleleadcapture. Here you can offer value in the form of a gift or video training series, in exchange for peoples email addresses. Once you have done this, it is up to you to build a trust with those subscribers and build yourself a following of people who actively seek what you have to offer.

3. Don't spread Yourself Too Thin

Put simply, you must concentrate all of your efforts into one niche at a time and into one marketing strategy at a time. If you are not generating enough leads for your business, which are the lifeblood of your business, the chances are you are not committing and focusing on these two aspects. I will keep it simple for you, focus on one business and strategy, learn it, optimize it, scale it. Its as simple as that!

4. Don't do it all yourself

Don't think that you can be the lone warrior on this one, there is no way that you can do everything in the progression of your business. Outsource some of the running of your business, for example content creation and management, you can have this done on a site like Elance or Fiverr.com. All you have to do is request it and people will respond with their offers. Outsourcing is key to freeing up valuable time, of which you can use on the 1 or 2 things that really makes you money!

5. Not Tracking marketing Efforts

Track your marketing efforts, I can't say it enough!

Make sure you are using a site like simpletrakk to gauge how well your ads are performing and where you can tweak and refine your efforts to generate more leads and minimise costs for your business. A lot of money can be lost without proper tracking, so remember, test, tweak, scale, this is the formula you will want to use every time. Test what works, tweak what doesn't and scale what does!

I hope that this has proved useful for you, don't let the digital age get the better of you.

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