6 Ways to Decorate Your Home Using Planters

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When the festive season comes, it surely doesn’t come alone, along with it comes the responsibility to decorate our homes perfectly. Decorating our homes is the most important part as it is the main attraction as soon as the guests enter the home.

Thinking about how you can decorate your home differently?How can you give a pinch of freshness to your home decoration?

Don’t get worried at all as you have reached the right place. Our experts here at www.woodenstreet.com,Guest Posting have prepared a list of ideas on how to decorate the home uniquely. Talking about the new ideas, how about decorating our homes with indoor planters this season?

Well, the ideas are right here. Here is the list of ideas of how you can decorate your home using planters:

Idea 1: Planters in the balcony:

Hanging planters can be used for the decoration purpose in the balcony as our balcony needs a very creative and natural look and what is better than having an outdoor standing planter? Great idea isn’t it?

They not only give your balcony a fresh look but also at the same time enhance its beauty as well.

Idea 2:  Planters in the bathroom:

Indoor plant pots can be used to beautify your bathroom. Most of the time the bathroom of the house remains neglected. A bathroom with a fresh look is always welcome so, you can also use planter boxes in the bathroom as they will look beautiful kept there and give your place a very natural look.

Idea 3: Planters to decorate kitchen:

The vertical kitchen garden is a great idea to have your favourite herbs growing in the kitchen. The vertical kitchen takes up a very small place in the kitchen, as the planter is fixed on the wall. But make sure that wall planters are placed at a place that gets plenty of sunlight, preferably near the window.

Idea 4: Planters in the garden:

Our garden is full of greenery anyways but how about managing the greenery properly according to our own personal choice? Wonderful! Isn’t it? Use garden planters for arranging your plants properly according to how you want to put them.

Idea 5: Planters for bedroom decoration:

Sleeping with nature is the best thing anybody could wish for. You can use planter boxes on your bedside and give your bedroom a very unique and natural look. You can also use the indoor plant pots and wall planters on one of the walls to grace your room even more.

Idea 6: Decoration of living room with planters:

If you want to give your living room a very classic as well as a very fresh look, you can decorate your living room with planters. Not only do they give a very impressive look but also maintain the decorum of your room.

You can use wooden planters for your living room as well as they are very easy to maintain and give a very classic look. You can anytime view our site www.woodenstreet.com, and have a look at some amazing decorative outdoor planters available there at great prices and designs.


These were some of the suggestions on how you can use the planters for the home decoration and how to use them efficiently in different parts of your home.

Thinking about buying some new tree planter for your home already?

What a wonderful idea!

Go buy some amazing planters online for your home and make your home even more beautiful than ever. Also, Woodenstreet is offering some huge discounts on some products which you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

Thank you and have a good day ahead!

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