7 Before and After Shaving Secrets You Must Know

Nov 19


Amanda George

Amanda George

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Men play with different beard styles, from clean-shaven look to the trending goatee and soul patch. Though beard styles add swag to your appearance, it’s primarily facial skin and hair’s health that boosts confidence. And shaving plays a vital role in maintaining healthy facial skin. So how about we look at some tips for effective shaving that help you look suave and groomed.



  • Upgrade your shaving


If you are still using the traditional shaving tools, 7 Before and After Shaving Secrets You Must Know Articles then it’s a major setback in your grooming mission. You better replace them with the latest beard grooming tools like electric shaver and trimmer. The electric shaving machine for men can perform 5 different functions like hair trimming, head and beard shaving, stubble softening, face cleansing, nose hair clipping, and beard shaping. Its massager heads provide great massage to both face and head, boosting blood circulation and improving the skin’s texture and health.


How To Grow And Maintain A Great Beard


  • Use Face moisturizer daily


Your facial skin develops redness and irritation when there’s a lack of moisture; it automatically becomes an unhealthy place for beard growth. To keep your beard hydrated, apply moisturizer every day. It’s effective if you use it twice a day -once in the morning and once at night.



  • Scrub before you shave


Exfoliating your skin prepares your skin and makes the whole shaving process smooth. It also removes dead skin and minimizes the chances of ingrown hair. And also, don’t irritate your skin with an alcohol-based aftershave. Instead, look for natural aftershave products that have ingredients like coconut, aloe vera.



  • Shave less often


If you are someone who suffers from extreme skin irritation, then you should consider shaving less often. If you are shaving daily, then go for alternative days- this will reduce the development of ingrown hair and bumps. And your skin starts feeling much better and younger than before.



  • Shave in the direction of hair growth


Always remember to shave in the direction of hair growth as it reduces the growth of the ingrown hair. After you apply the cream, start from the mustache and then chin. However, make sure you do not apply a lot of pressure while shaving.


  • Do not shave a dry skin


Shaving on dry skin is not a wise idea. It may increase skin irritation and cause redness. Your face must be moist before shaving. Use a damp cloth or napkin and warm water to moisturize your skin. This way, you get a clean, smooth, and irritation-free skin.


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  • Clean the shaver often


Your shaver kit needs proper maintenance too. Immediately after using the electric shaver, clean it with disinfectants. Several online stores sell oils that are good for an electric rotary shaver. You can buy one if anything catches your fancy.


With all the tips listed above, you are good to go on having the best shaving experience. Happy shaving!