7 Reasons to Jump on the Inbound Marketing Bandwagon

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Inbound marketing has proven to be extremely successful and has staying power as a legitimate marketing opportunity for online businesses. Here are seven simple reasons this type of marketing can be beneficial for any type of online business.

Many people dismissed inbound marketing as a flash in the pan trend and still haven't given it a try. Inbound marketing has proven to be extremely successful and has staying power as a legitimate marketing opportunity.

Any business that has not jumped on the inbound marketing bandwagon needs to give it a second look. Here are seven simple reasons this type of marketing can be beneficial for any type of business.

1. Inbound Marketing is Predictable

One of the biggest benefits of inbound marketing is the overall results are easier to predict than the results provided by outbound marketing. There is a significant amount of data which shows a direct correlation between inbound marketing efforts and inbound marketing results.

Skilled marketers can even assess a company's assets to determine how quickly they can improve traffic and generate more leads.

On a smaller scale,Guest Posting it is also easier to predict the results a specific campaign will provide over time by gauging incremental improvements.

2. Inbound Marketing is Easy to Track and Analyze

Another benefit of inbound marketing is it is easy to track and analyze. The results are based on a real, trackable numbers such as how many website visitors it provided, the number of leads generated, and even a number of sales a created.

Some inbound marketing analytics can breakdown results based upon individual blog posts, Facebook updates, and Tweets. This provides tremendous insight into how each piece of content plays into the overall strategy.

Measurable analytics also allow businesses to identify what specific content is gathering the most attention and providing the best ROI. This is impossible to replicate with outbound marketing. For example, if you run the same radio advertisement five times a day, how do you know which one is providing the best returns?

3. It Is Easy to Determine Your ROI

Since every aspect of inbound marketing is trackable, you can quickly identify which efforts are directly attributed to revenue generation.

This is because inbound marketing relies on closed loop analytics to identify each step in the purchasing process and what content led to potential customers taking the next necessary step in the buying cycle. You can even compare multiple pieces of content to see which is most effective and most valuable.

4. Inbound Marketing Provides Long-Term Benefits

Another benefit of inbound marketing is it develops assets which provide long-term benefits. If you publish a landing page or blog post, it can remain online forever. If you launch a radio advertisement, it is only in existence for the few seconds it is playing.

Once a lead nurturing sequence has been developed, you can continue to leaking it and improving it for years. While the same can be done to outbound advertising methods, it is much more difficult which is why large companies release several different commercials every year rather trying to tweak and improve a single commercial.

5. You Gain Access to a Global Audience

Inbound marketing gives businesses an opportunity to immediately access a global audience. This is evident any time you look at your website analytics. Many industry experts argue that access to a global audience is simply a byproduct of inbound marketing. Think about how expensive it would be to target a global audience with traditional outbound marketing methods.

6. Inbound Marketing Helps You Build Assets

Since inbound marketing is wholly reliant on content creation, you are inherently building assets which can be leveraged for years or even decades. This ensures that while you are investing in your advertising or marketing strategy, you are also investing in assets which can provide long-term value to your business.

7. Content Creation Carries a Low-Investment Launch Cycle

The final benefit of inbound marketing is its low-risk, low-investment characteristics. Outbound marketing requires businesses to make big bets in order to attract more customers. Very few outbound marketing methods require a small investment. Not only is it expensive, but it is inherently riskier because you missed generate more sales to break even.

Once you have developed a solid inbound marketing foundation, a comparatively inexpensive blog post or Facebook message can directly generate revenue.

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