A Readymade Extension To Launch Shopping Apps for OpenCart Store

Apr 7




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Businesses that sell goods and services over the internet benefit greatly from mobile applications. The reason for this is that the majority of customers use mobile phones and expect to perform all transactions directly from their phones.


Mobile apps are a boon for eCommerce businesses. The reason behind this is that the majority of the customers are using mobile phones and they want to perform all the operations from the mobile phones by themselves. The technology trends have been shifted and it is now more focused on shopping apps. So it is very necessary for eCommerce businesses to opt for eCommerce apps. There are many statistics and research in the market that proves that Android and iOS apps are very useful in the near future. 

The OpenCart Mobile App transforms the eCommerce website into a mobile app. It is a readymade extension and works on no code frameworks and gives a competitive edge to the eCommerce business. The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App allows the store admin to launch the app in the Google Play and Apple App Store and drive more sales and traffic to the store. 

Knowband consists of OpenCart Mobile App Builder that helps the store admin to easily transform the eCommerce website into a shopping app without any coding and technical knowledge. Knowband helps the OpenCart Mobile App to run seamlessly and smoothly on all platforms and consists of some very interesting features. 


Features of OpenCart Mobile App Maker-

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator consists of some exciting features that are definitely going to attract customers and generate more revenue. Some of them are -


White Label Apps -

The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder helps in better branding and allows the store admin to launch the app under their store brand name. The store admin can include the logo,A Readymade Extension To Launch Shopping Apps for OpenCart Store Articles splash screen, name, app icon, etc from the admin panel of the Android and iOS apps. 

Easy Customizations -

The OpenCart Android App Builder allows the store admin to perform all the changes because it does not require any coding knowledge. It is fully customizable because of the flexibility of the Android apps. The store admin can create a layout design by using the drag & drop function from the admin panel of iOS apps. The store admin can change the look and feel of the OpenCart Android App maker by choosing intuitive colors and fonts. The home page customization can be changed according to current season occasions and festivals etc.

Device Responsive-

The OpenCart Android App creator is not a platform and device-dependent and works seamlessly on all devices. It gets optimized according to all screen sizes and whether it is Android, iOS, tablet, iPhone, or iPad. 

Real-Time Synchronization -

The Mobile App for OpenCart is completely synchronized with the eCommerce website. All the changes performed in the eCommerce websites will be updated and reflected on the shopping app in real-time. It eliminates the manual efforts of the store admin and allows them to manage the eCommerce app easily. 

Push Notifications -

The OpenCart Mobile App consists of a key feature that helps to engage customers and boosts shopping app sales. The shopping app consists of push notifications and tells customers about the current discounts, offers, and updates of Android apps. The store admin can send manual and automatic notifications to the users by OpenCart Mobile App. The notifications are also used to give cart and order status updates to the customers.

Order Status Updates -

It is always important for the customers to know about the current order updates because it helps them to show their trust more towards the mobile app. The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App consists of an order status update feature that allows costumes to receive push notifications from the store admin about the current order status. The customer can also see the notification from the home page of the  OpenCart Mobile App. 

Easy Login -

The customer can end up leaving the eCommerce app if they are not satisfied with the login and registration option. The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App consists of easy social options such as Facebook or Google and email login and registration options. The store admin can also include the fingerprint login and OTP options in the mobile app for better safety and security.

The Single-page Checkout-

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder provides transaction ease to the customers and avoids them filling up unnecessary information while checking out. The customer only has to fill in the necessary information on one page. Filled Information is shown twice to the customer screen for confirmation and eliminates any chances of error. 

Payment and Shipping Options-

There are many payment and shipping options available in the market. The users like to use payment and shipping methods according to their priorities. The customer feels more reliable when they find the desired payment and shipping option in the OpenCart Android App Builder. The payment and shipping options automatically get fetched from the eCommerce website and the store admin can also add some more options by accessing the admin panel of iOS apps. 

Multilingual and RTL -

The OpenCart iOS App Maker is compatible with all the regional, local and global languages. This feature allows the store admin to enhance their market segment and target more customers. This Android app consists of all the languages available on the website. The store admin can integrate more languages from the admin panel of the OpenCart Mobile App including the most requested RTL language. The user only has to choose the convenient language & the eCommerce app will be translated into the desired language.

WhatsApp & Zopim Chat -

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker consists of WhatsApp & Zopim Chat features. If the customer is dealing with any issues and queries, then the customer can directly ask the store admin to resolve the queries. The customers can connect to the store admin 24*7 and the eCommerce merchant can resolve the queries in no time.


Conclusion -

It is very important for every eCommerce business to integrate OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder in their eCommerce website. Knowband provides you all the above-mentioned features and also consists of experienced developers that make integration very much easier. To know more about it send us an email at support@knowband.com.