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Knowband is maybe the most well-known business that provides eCommerce plugins to its clients. Across all platforms, the business is quite well-known for its Prestashop addons. Indeed, Knowband is the top seller in the Addons Store.

 As a result,Guest Posting purchasing from Knowband appears to be a wise strategy for eCommerce retailers. There are various options available from the business that are suitable for being the best Prestashop Modules. Nonetheless, we'd like to discuss the best Prestashop modules that have shown their worth. You should also check them out right now.

This article explains the best Prestashop modules that assist an eCommerce advertiser in growing their business. Furthermore, these plugins serve a variety of functions, but the overall goal is the same: to make a firm more efficient.

Best 3 Prestashop Modules by Knowband

Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon

You may be spending a lot of money on social media ads to bring more customers to your shop. Furthermore, on other paid marketing programs. In any case, why aren't you receiving any traffic? If that describes you, you'll need to locate the opening in your faulty can. The foundation of an online business is represented by an abandoned cart email. The Prestashop Email Follow up module enables the shop owner to send automated update notifications once a preset time period has elapsed. This Prestashop Abandoned cart recovery email addon also includes a number of additional capabilities. For instance, send discounted messages, and send Push Notifications for abandoned carts.

Prestashop One Page Checkout

The Prestashop Quick checkout addon shows all of the steps involved in a typical checkout. On a single page, for example, you may see your basket items, charge and delivery addresses, shipment methods, and payment information. One-page checkouts were originally used to try to simplify the checkout process.

Did you know that the Knowband's Prestashop simplified checkout addon is one of the most popular modules? On the KnowBand and PrestaShop Addon stores, it has over 22000 downloads. Because it allows numerous payment inputs, shipping options, and more, the module is a one-stop-destination. For example, social login options, email syncing with MailChimp, and more.

Prestashop eBay Marketplace Integration Module

eBay has a huge user base. In reality, the numbers, as well as the turnover, continue to rise year after year. Selling on eBay would be a great idea. However, selling on a marketplace is a time-consuming and exhausting procedure. In reality, the Prestashop eBay Integration Addon from Knowband may let you accomplish just that. All you have to do is go to the shop and download and install the module. Furthermore, set up the same and begin selling on the marketplace. The Prestashop eBay API Integration Module is a useful tool that makes your life easier. In fact, from the back-end of your eBay Prestashop Connector, you can track, manage, and do everything else. There is no need to use the platform for anything.

In the End

All three of the aforementioned best Prestashop Modules provide much more than meets the eye. Furthermore, they are incredibly simple to manage from the store's backend. Do you have any other questions about these best Prestashop modules? Please notify us at

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