Before You Spend Your Life Savings, What Every Newbie Should Know About Web Biz Marketing

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There are too many scams out there that don't deliver their promises. The only reason people fall for them is because they don't have the knowledge about what it really takes to succeed online. In layman's terms, Krezi Prophete, the Web Biz Geek, outlines some basic principles than can empower the newbie to know what it really takes to succeed on the web.

If you listened to all the hype on the web,Guest Posting you'd think only those who possessed "the secret" would succeed online. You would think that only a select few had the opportunity to succeed with a web biz. The only secret to web marketing is that there is actually no secret.

As a wise person once told me, "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.By no means, do I mean to imply that the internet is without money making opportunities. All it means is that any program that promises you a 6 figure income without any work on your part, is probably a scam. If that were the case, do you honestly believe they would be sharing that knowledge with you? Of course not! They would keep all their knowledge to themselves and make all the money they want.

Newbie Rule #1: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Many people think that traditional business and marketing concepts do not apply to web businesses. That is not the case. You need to have a budget, a strategic plan, and a marketing plan. The only difference is that the web removes many of the geographic barriers that may have been in place. By applying leverage through the internet and available technologies, you're able to make the most of your time, money, and energy. You spend real money to operate it. You try to reach real customers. And hopefully, you earn real income.

I find too many people who treat their web biz like a hobby. They are not organized. They overspend on gimmicks. They have no strategy or plan for their business' future. In order to make decisions and move towards success, you cannot treat a web biz like a hobby.

Newbie Rule #2: Do not treat your web biz like a hobby! It's a business!

The third, and probably most difficult, thing to tell you is that success will not come overnight to you as a newbie. I know it sounds harsh, but it is the truth. Here is the reason for this: Traffic is the key to a successful web biz. No one tells you this when you sign up for a program that gives you your own website so you sit around and wait for people to go see your website. After two months of waiting, you give up and you go right back to where you were when you first started. The difference, now, is that you're a few hundred dollars poorer.

Newbie Rule #3: Success will not come overnight.

Just in case you're wondering about what it takes to succeed online?"

Here are a few tips from someone who was in your shoes, not too long ago.

1. Find a mentor. This cannot be emphasized enough. If you are new to web marketing, having a mentor will make the difference between you burning out after 2 months or actually giving yourself and your web biz a chance at success. By having someone who is in the position you want to be, you are empowered through the knowledge and wisdom that they have. They may help by giving you advice and helping you avoid some costly and avoidable mistakes.

2. Learn basic marketing principles. Like I said above, a web biz is a business. You may work online, but you still need to sell something to earn a living. Know who your customers are. Learn what they want. Provide it to them in the best possible way.

3. SEO: Search Engine Optimization. There are two methods, on page and off page optimization. Both of which, are crucial to your success. By employing some basic SEO concepts, you will be able to market your website for free and generate a tremendous amount of traffic in the process.

I know that some of the concepts I mentioned may be a little bit confusing to you right now, but that is why I recommend finding a mentor, someone who can hold your hand and guide you along the process of becoming a web biz guru.

Do not give up on your dream of starting your web biz just because it won't be a walk in the park. The internet still is the best way to create a life of freedom and abundance for yourself and those you care about.

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