Choose Best Samsung Split AC’s

Mar 19


Apoorva Singh

Apoorva Singh

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This feature tells you about best Samsung split AC’s in India.

When the scorching heat of summers becomes ruthless, Choose Best Samsung Split AC’s Articles cool air of air conditioners gives you feeling of comfort installed in your homes and offices. If you wish to buy branded split AC, then you can choose Samsung split AC’s.

Why to buy Samsung split AC’s?

The technology used by Samsung in their smartphones and laptops are used to keep all sectors even for AC’s. The right Samsung AC will let you to enjoy all rooms at any time now matter how hot it is.


A Samsung split AC comes with different features with many programs you can set that keeps your room cool without drawing much power. Most models have range of temperature you can select  in order to have a room where you can sleep by choosing that setting.

1)Samsung Purista AS185BBH (Rs.38500)

This AC comes with a 5 star energy rating and features a full HD filter for providing clean air by removing dust. It has a cooling capacity of 5300 watts and consumes 1570W of power.

This Samsung AC provides dehumidification by removing 2 litres of moisture every hour. Users can operate AC in fan mode or auto mode and turbo cooling provides fastest cooling.

Tech Specs

Star rating: 5

Capacity: 1.5(Ton)/5300W

EER: 3.38

2) Samsung Max AS103USB

This AC offers high cooling and energy efficiency capacity and is loaded by S-UTR compressor that cools the room in less time. It has a cooling capacity of 2700W.

Samsung max Air Conditioner is equipped with turbo cooling that works at maximum and cools down the room quickly. Other noticeable features include auto restart and smart inverter technology.

Tech Specs

Capacity: 2700W

Energy rating: 3

Other features: 4 Air flow control steps, manual air direction control

3)Samsung Max AR24HC2USNB (Rs.44550)

This machine comes with 2 star rating that cools your room quickly. Its Multijet technology with Turbo cooling helps to perform faster to keep your space cool. It also features smart saver function that keeps your bill under control.

Its 4 step fan speed makes sure that you experience optimum cooling in any corner of your room.

Tech Specs

Capacity: 2 ton

Power supply: 230 volts/single phase/50Hz

Compressor: Tropicalized

Star rating: 2

4)Samsung 5 Star Boracay-New (Rs.39105)

This split AC is perfect for your modern living room that gives you a feel of stylish life. It features advanced full HD Density filter to ensure that your room stays clean. All you need to do is to wash the dirt with water and clean its filter.

The AC delivers high cooling at low wattage to save your money without compromising on your comfort factor

Tech Specs

Capacity: 5.4kW

EER: 3.58

5)Crystal+ AS185EWH (Rs. 36666)

This split AC comes with full HD filter that comes with anti bacterial coating that gives fresh air. It has UTR Plus compressor for a powerful performance and durable welding.

This AC can be operated with fan mode and the fan speed can be adjusted as per your need.

Tech Specs

Star rating: 5

Capacity: 5

EER: 3.38