GPS Tracking Device Pro: Use Open Source Software For Better Customer Experience

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Selling GPS tracking devices online? Then you should know all about the issues propietary GPS software can create. One powerseller announces he's gone open source and likely will not go back.

GPS Navigators and GPS tracking devices are selling like hotcakes online,Guest Posting now that a good array of wholesalers is selling these devices at extraordinarily inexpensive prices.

You can take this amazing opportunity as a seller, however there are a couple of very difficult obstacles to overcome.

One significant thing is the incontrovertible fact that the majority of these reduced cost GPS tracking devices available in wholesale don't come with pre-installed software to keep the price tag agreeably low.

As a reseller, you want to triumph over this problem by offering your clients alternative selections thru the utilization of available open source software.

Exclusive software for GPS tracking devices is usually awfully costly to come by and some won't be compatible with the hardware you're selling.

Using open source software gives you and your clients a space to pick the best and most acceptable application that they can use on their GPS tracking device and they can get these practically free.

Using open source software for GPS Tracking Devices Software for GPS navigators are totally different from the applications utilized for GPS tracking devices as they fundamentally have different core functions : one if for navigation while the second one is for tracking.

There are however 4-in-1 computer programmers that have incorporated both navigation and tracking features into one package, though not all hardware would be compatible to use with that sort of an application.

Out in the market, you'll find a great range of proprietary, free, and open-source software which you can download and install in your GPS tracking gadget.

Since cost is a first consideration, selecting the open source trail would be your most doable alternative choice to take, a fact that you need to impress with your clients.

Basically free desktop software, it doesn't actually mean this is the one thing that describes open source software.

The term open-source fundamentally suggests that members of an open community of developers took part in making, testing and enhancing the application till a last working version is out in the market.

Since everybody took part, nobody can claim exclusive use that's the reason why the software is free to use by you or anybody else who wants it.

Since open-source is largely free to use, many folks suggest this to poor or insufficient quality.

Contrary to this, a multitude of open source applications have proved they're at par or maybe better than exclusive versions and you must also use this knowledge to push your products to your clients.

Apart from that, using open source for your GPS tracking device is a better alternative than using cracked software, which can only break down on you while in use and fill your system with a lot of spyware, Trojans and viruses that you'd wish you never attempted this trail first of all.

Valuable open source resources you may use:

The following lists some of the finest open source software resources which you can explore and use to find the best open source applications that would work best with the GPS tracking products you're selling.

You can share this info with your clients they might be highly thankful that you probably did.

* Free GPS Mapping Tools*
* maposmatic
* boulter com
* Mapnik Mapmaking software

* Free GPS Maps*
* openstreetbrowser org
* informationfreeway org
* opencyclemap org
* onstreetmap org

* GPS Navigation Software*
* Gosmore GPS routing device
* GPS drive Free open source GPS navigation software
* Navit Free open source GPS navigation software
* GPS MID Free GPS mapping software
* Traveling Salesman GPS route-planning and navigation system
* Lucky GPS
* Rana Python based GPS route-planning and navigation system

The sole issue with open-source applications is the absence of client service since nobody owns their exclusive use.

There are however one or two forums out there that will help you with any issues connected to its use like the ones mentioned below or you can start one customized for your customer base by yourself.

* GPS Passion
* GPS Review
* Groundspeak
* GPS Discussion

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