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Article about and the CEO, Steven Barbarich. is an online hot tub retailer that sells many different kinds of spas under the supervision of the CEO,Guest Posting Steven Barbarich.

How Started

Like many others have in the past, Steven Barbarich had an aweful experience with buying products online. He bought a bath tub for his bathroom, and when it arrived it didn't fit inside. The company had messed up the dimensions, and there was no possible way the bath tub could fit into through the doors.

Next, he tried to call the company and reason with them. All they offered Steven Barbarich was a "good luck and we're sorry for the mistake". So Steven Barbarich was left with a worthless tub and a disgusting taste in his mouth!

The Idea Was Born With

Steven Barbarich decided to take his losses, and try to get something positive out of his misfortune. So he created with these virtues in mind:

-sell high quality products online-carry the best brands-offer the cheapest prices-and most of all, fix any problems that might occur with the shipping of these large items

About Steven Barbarich

-graduated from Harvey Mudd with a major in engineering-published the book "The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents"-does lectures on inventing, patenting and marketing-is the CEO of choosehottubsdirect.comSteven Barbarich and Philanthropy

-currently donates to Help Runaway Teens through Project Christmas CAROL at the Covenant House California in Oakland from profits by with the Mills-Peninsula Breast Programs in San Mateo and South San Francisco, CA to Help Women in Need Get Mammograms-raised money to help Hurricane Ike victims in October '08 from hot tub sales by

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