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Steve Barbarich, CEO of ChooseHotTubsDirect, shares his success solutions. Read on and find out who he is and his secret on how to be successful in every way.

Upon reading the title of this article,Guest Posting you may wonder - who is Steve and why would I consider his solutions for success? What does he do? Where did Steve succeed? We are in the internet age, the age where everything can be done in the computer. And Steve is indeed a very good example in using the internet to his (and everyone's) advantage. Let us get to know more about Steve, find out who he is and why we should take his solutions for success.Steven Barbarich, or Steve, is a lot of things. He is an inventor, an author, an entrepreneur, CEO, and a philanthropist to top it all. He graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a degree in engineering, but being in this day and age, he knew that the internet can be his best friend.Steve started out as an inventor. He has quite a lot of different patented products around, some of which we may not even know yet. He studied well about patenting, how it works, how to have his inventions patented to his name, and even how to help others get their inventions patented. Because of this, he decided to give birth to the Inventors Publihing and Research Company. It is indeed a thriving company, wherein he and other inventors help each other to get their products out the market.  Being the author that he is, Steve Barbarich decided to write his book "The Complete Manual on How to make your Money from your Inventions and Patents". The title of the book says it all, and it is sold online for about $14 only. Indeed, through this book Steve was able to help many start-up inventors.Steve was happy and content with how his company and book were doing, until he had a bad experience with an online retailer. This made him so pissed that he promised something like this should never happen again. So he faced his problem head on - with his entrepreneural mindset, of course. He founded his own e-commerce site, He made sure that the site will cater each of his problems and make sure that it won't happen again. True enough, his plan worked. ChooseHotTubsDirect is considered an epitome of an online retailer. And this is all because he faced his problem with a solution. As mentioned, Steve is also a philanthropist. He makes it a point that he does everything with generosity. For instance, Choose Hot Tubs Direct is a part of his wonderful work and he shared his vision of philanthropy with it. So every time someone purchases something from the site, a part of the profits is donated to notable charitable institutions such as the Mills-Peninsula Breast Center, the Covenant House, and the American Red Cross, among others.The secret for Steve's success is the fact that he considers everything a test that he needs to ace. He makes sure that he does good all the time, and it always ends up in his advantage. The internet is such a wonderful tool once you know what to do. It isn't hard really, just like Steve, all you need is guts and you soon will get the glory.

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