Ecommerce strategy for modern business

Aug 19


Andrew Winthorp

Andrew Winthorp

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The Importance Of Ecommerce Strategy To A Companies Online Presence


Ecommerce strategy is fast becoming an important issue for business who are facing changes in competition and consumer preferences as a result of the growth in the online space. Whether you’re an existing business trying to increase your exposure on the web,Ecommerce strategy for modern business Articles a fully fledged online store or a home based business trying to get established, ecommerce is a hot topic you need to know about. Here are some basic considerations every online business should consider.

Design: Interface design is very important. Branding your site positions your business in the minds of the consumer. It is important that you know who your customers are in order to convey the right image. If you’re trying to appeal to a young and funky audience, then the site design should appeal to the target market. In the same respect, a more conservative organization needs to ensure that its image is upheld. Site design also needs to accommodate the programming functionality. Trade offs are necessary with creating the initial site structure.

Development: When you’re developing an ecommerce site you need to scope and bound the business requirements. This needs to be translated into a functionality specification for the development team. If you don’t adequately define the business logic you can run into costly overruns when salvage and repair becomes necessary. Take the time to get it right the first time. This will help you bring the project on time and on budget.

Promotion: Sites need exposure to capture an audience. You need to identify you advertising channels. This includes integrating online and offline advertising. Natural Search engine listings and pay per click are part of an integrated online campaign. If you’re not sure how to do this you need to secure help. Without traffic finding its way to your site your site runs the risk of becoming an island.

Security: With online fraud and identity theft a major concern, taking a proactive approach to ensuring your site is robust and hacker proof is an important step in the right direction. All precautions should be taken to maintain maximum buyer confidence.

These are some basic considerations that you should address as part of your ecommerce strategy. It is important to take a holistic approach to your overall online business initiatives.