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In this digital marketing industry, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategy and it depends on how big the database is and getting sales. 

The active email user lists play an important role to have success in email marketing and it might effect on your open rate and click rate. There are some rules to follow if you want to have the active email user lists.


Landing Pages,Guest Posting

It is one of the advertising page that many people are using for their business to the targeted customers. In this page, it points out  the good effects of target niche and the results of it, besides, it is very important to collect the database with the opt-in form and the audience will get the information that they wanted if they sign up with their account. The customers give their email address by adding it and they want more information about it by giving their address and you can promote other products or services regarding with niche that they signed up. If they do not want the information any more, they can unsubscribe to it by adding unsubscribe button on the page. After creating the page, you have to test it out whether it works and you can create more pages regarding with your niche.


It is undeniable that relationship is one of the most important thing that you have to do as long as you are in the marketing industry.The stronger relationship you have with your customers and potential customers, the better it will be. It is crucial that you have to give quality (information, education and entertainment) regarding with your niche and you have to do research on what they need and want. After collecting data, related products or services can be promoted. It is very important to have strong relationship  to have active  email list.


If you are in this digital marketing industry, it is important to attend online or offline events because you can meet potential customers by talking each other at the social or business meeting. Whatever you do, give value information first before you advertise anything. By attending this, you can share idea or cards, and find out what they are looking for.

Joining social media

It is crucial that the bigger your circle is, the better it is because it might have more opportunity to post your article or promote the service. If you are in facebook, you can join many group that related to your niche, besides you can join forum or many social media like linkedin or  other groups. When you become a member, you have to contribute the valuable information to the group first so that the people will notice you and recognize as a expert according to your experience or quality facts. And then, they might ask you the advice or you can give the suggestion or solution to them

Opt-in Forms

When you are in this online marketing industry, the database is the core. Therefore, you have to use simple opt-in form for your page or website to get the lists for the website or page. The customers will sign up with their email address  for more information that they wanted so it is vital to use simple form to make customer easy to fill up.

If you are interested in doing your own business to make residual income, there is simple step by step system that to have active email list and more options to make it easier for your online business.



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