Get Targeted Web Traffic By Submitting To Niche Article Directories

Feb 26


Steve Long

Steve Long

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Article marketing continues to be a powerful way to get free traffic to your web site. The key is to find the right directories for your article submissions.


Writing and getting articles published has been used to gain credibility (at times,Get Targeted Web Traffic By Submitting To Niche Article Directories Articles even notoriety), attract attention and gain business for decades. Today, you can accomplish that and even more by getting your articles published online. By having your articles published on web sites across the Internet, you can develop a mass following of devoted fans, generate free website traffic and practically put your web site promotion efforts on autopilot. This strategy is often called internet marketing SEO.

Knowing Where To Start Your Article Marketing

There are literally hundreds of thousands of opportunities to have your articles published online. However, because there is so much opportunity, many people are confused about how and where to start. You should spend most of your effort on submitting your articles to the right article directories.

There are large directories as well as smaller directories. Both types can offer benefits for your article marketing promotional efforts. The key is knowing which article directories you should use and which ones should be avoided. As you learn which directories are valuable, bookmark them so you can easily find those directories for future article submissions.

The Pros And Cons Of Large Article Directories

Large article directories provide value in two ways. First, because they are two of the largest article directories, they receive a large amount of exposure on Google. So, if you publish your article on one of the larger popular article directories and somebody searches for your topic on Google, there is a good chance they will see and read your article. Second, backlinks to your web site from these larger directories are often more substantive than those from smaller directories.

Unfortunately, these larger directories attract thousands of authors who submit their articles on a daily basis. As a result, your articles can easily be lost in the crowd. With thousands of articles about dog training, your article on dog training may never see the light of day.

The Pros And Cons Of Smaller Article Directories

There are plenty of smaller directories that offer benefits unavailable from large directories. First, these small directories aren't drowning with authors. So, your article about dog training may only compete with a few other articles about the same topic. This makes it much easier to get visitors' attention. Second, smaller article directories quite often allow the writer more control. While some of the larger article directories doesn't allow direct affiliate links in their articles, smaller directories often do.

Unfortunately, small article directories often lack exposure on Google. As a result, less people may find your article when searching for the topic on Google. Keep in mind, however, that small directories sometimes grow large. As they do, they gain exposure. Even Ezine Articles was a very small directory once.

Niche article directories can be a great way to give your articles exposure that is focussed. For example if you have an article that you you to promote on fishing or hunting, outdoors based article directories will give you more targeted exposure. If your article is on gardening then submit it to directories targeted to gardening, etc.

Article marketing continues to be a powerful way to get free traffic to your web site. You can build credibility, gain exposure and develop a legion of fans by including a link to your web site in your article resource bio. The key is to find the best directories for your article submissions. Both large and small niche directories offer unique benefits, so don't dismiss a directory merely because of its size. Learn to write quality articles and submit them to the right directories and you can enjoy free web site traffic over time.