Hong Kong Shopping Destinations Host Item From All Over The World

Jan 23


Jenny Jonson

Jenny Jonson

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Hong Kong is one of the greatest shopping centers of the world. Due to its status as a free port, tourists traveling to China and Hong Kong can find the best deals anywhere in the world.


Hong Kong shopping destinations host a lot of different items from all over the world that successfully manage to attract the tourists and travelers. The Landmark Atrium is a top level Hong Kong shopping center that caters for the upscale consumer. If you are looking for designer shoes,Hong Kong Shopping Destinations Host Item From All Over The World  Articles clothes, and bags, then Landmark Atrium is the place to go. The shopping mall is directly connected to the local transit station for easy access.

Hong Kong shopping is not complete if one does not go through the famous shopping streets. One of them is the Lanes central. Lined up in these streets are various kinds of small shops that offer the best goods from seafood to electronic products. Hong Kong is known for budget shopping and great finds. The Stanley Market also in Kowloon is a most famous Hong Kong shopping center that is known for the excitement of going there as much as shopping there. Home to the best Chinese artworks and souvenirs, you can find lots of Mao items that you can take home. This experience is literally a drive to the jungle. If haggling is the unique experience in Nathan, then the journey is the featured experience here. Being in Hong Kong, one just cannot miss the various shopping destinations that this country has. For a shopaholic, it’s more like a dream destination!

Taking about dream shopping destinations, Singapore can definitely not be forgotten. Singapore packs several malls per square mile within its small interiors - making this the best place in Southeast Asia to go shopping. Singaporeans have transformed shopping into the national sport where they do get a lot of practice, what with the many shopping centers lining Orchard Road, the street markets in Chinatown and Bugis. Shopping in Singapore is so popular that they've set aside a whole month to celebrate it - the Great Singapore Sale slashes prices island-wide by as much as 70%! Shopping hours are also extended past midnight for selected stores on selected weekends, and other major promotions are held during this time of the year only.

Another important attraction for shopping in Singapore is the Orchard Road which is led with the best atmosphere because of its “wide and clean pavements and diversity of shops.” Tourists would not be able to sweep every shop on this road in one single day owing to the whopping 22 shopping malls and six department stores on the Road which might definitely wipe them out. This explains in itself why shopping in Singapore has been adapted as a sport more than just a leisure activity. This would definitely leaving an individual confused about what they enjoy more – Shopping In Singapore or the Hong Kong Shopping!