How to remove oil stains from stainless steel welded pipes

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How to remove oil stains from stainless steel welded pipes.

What should we do if we get oil stains in the process of using stainless steel welded pipes? How to remove oil stains without causing damage to stainless steel welded pipes? 


(1) Chemical degreasing adopts tank immersion method. The degreasing tank is made of steel plate,Guest Posting and the inner wall is covered with PVC or polyethylene. 

 (2) Use 12-15% nitric acid (by volume) for chemical degreasing treatment, the temperature is 40-60, and the time is 2-4 hours. psb.jpg 

(3) When the stainless steel welded pipe is immersed in the tank, attention should be paid to the position to avoid air in the pipe. 


(4) During the soaking process, the stainless steel welded pipe should be moved up and down or flipped to make the inner cavity solution constantly replaced to improve the effect. If necessary, take out the stainless steel welded pipe, flush it with water and air, and then soak it. 


(5) Chemical degreasing until the surface of the pipe is completely wetted by water.


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