How To Use Pinterest For Business: 4 Exceptional Examples of Companies Already Doing It

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Here are four examples of businesses that are doing well on Pinterest today, along with the details of what they are doing.

If you've been staying up to date with the current social media trends,Guest Posting you know that Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing networks around. You've probably also heard stories of how great it is for marketing. It almost sounds too good to be true.

The reality is that Pinterest is an exceptional resource for marketers, but you have to know how to use Pinterest for business to get great results. Here are four good examples of businesses that are flourishing on Pinterest today, coupled with the details of what they're doing right.

1. Whole Foods Market

Food is one of those areas that is naturally a good fit for Pinterest, so Whole Foods has a bit of a built-in advantage. But you can still learn a lot from their success. Instead of emphasizing their brand and products, they have worked to create helpful and attractive boards featuring recipes, cooking ideas, gardening info and other items that their fans will enjoy. This allows them to keep their followers happy while discreetly marketing their products.

2. Etsy

An online marketplace for hand-made and vintage items, Etsy also has built-in visual appeal. They have taken advantage of this by putting together boards with good themes, like weddings, style and holidays. But they have also done some unique things, such as featuring boards by "guest pinners" and pinning do-it-yourself projects from other sites. Etsy is a wonderful example of how to use Pinterest for business by taking advantage of the social nature of the site.

3. Oreck

As a producer of industrial cleaning machines, Oreck is one brand that does not seem a very good fit for Pinterest. They have a surprisingly large number of followers. Their secret? They barely show their products. Instead, they focus on pinning pretty pictures that are only tangentially related to their offerings. They have a board entitled "Stunning Floors" that shows attractive flooring, and one called "Furry Friends" that features cute pet photos. The viewer sees something pretty while being quietly reminded of what Oreck products do.

4. Sony

Sony most definitely knows how to use Pinterest for business and they make use of it as a full-on marketing tool. They make the effort to build attractive pins of their products that beg to be shared, but that is only a small part of their strategy. They consistently repin items connected to their brand from the boards of other users, and they use "Pin It" buttons to make it easy for users to pin items from their website. They have even come up with innovative ways to motivate fans to share content, like putting together exclusive deals that are released once a related pin is repinned a given number of times.

When it comes to you learning and knowing how to use Pinterest for business, these brands have the right idea and can teach everyone a thing or two. Use their success stories to help form your very own winning Pinterest strategy!

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