Hydraulic Pressure for LSAW Steel Pipe

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Hydraulic pressure for LSAW steel pipe.

 LSAW steel pipes shall be subjected to hydraulic test one by one,Guest Posting and the test pressure shall be calculated according to the formula, the maximum pressure shall not exceed 10MPa, and shall be stabilized. The time should be more than 5s, and there should be no leakage on the pipe wall. P=2RS/D(2)


In the formula: 

P——test pressure, MPa;

R——stress, 50% of the yield point, MPa;

S——Nominal wall thickness of steel pipe, mm;

D——Nominal outer diameter of steel pipe, mm;


The supplier can replace the hydraulic test with eddy current flaw detection, and the qualification level should meet the A level in the GB/T 7735-1995 standard.


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