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Industrial valves are used to regulate liquids, gases and slurries. The flow can be controlled using these valves.

Valvesonly has been a leading manufacturer of industrial valve and known for fast deliveries and best prices. Industrial valves are mechanical devices that control the flow of liquid or gas within a system by opening,Guest Posting closing, or partially blocking passageways. With several valve choices in the industry, identifying which one can provide the best results in your particular application can be difficult.


Different types of Industrial Valves:


1) Ball Valves

2) Butterfly Valves

3) Gate Valves

4) Globe Valves

5) Check Valves

6) Needle valve


1) Ball Valves:


A ball valve is known for its hollow ball-shaped disc, which helps to stop or start media flow. Because it only needs a quarter turn to open or close, the ball disc has become one of the best valves. Ball valves are mostly used in gas distribution systems to regulate flow and pressure, as well as to decrease pressure links with gas storage.


Advantages of Ball valve:


  • Easy to operate and regulates the flow
  • Compact and low-maintenance
  • Poor throttling characteristics
  • Leak-proof services
  • It requires no lubrication


Applications of Ball valve:


Ball valves are mostly used to regulate flow and pressure, as well as to serve as a shut-off for corrosive fluids, slurries, normal liquids, and gases. Ball valves are also used in oil, natural gas, manufacturing, chemical storage, and even residential applications.


2) Butterfly Valves:


Butterfly Valves are designed to control flow but have limited control systems. Butterfly valves can be opened and closed by turning a handle 90 degrees. In the closed position, it consists of a metal disc in the valve's body which is parallel to the surface towards the flow. Alternate rotations are being used to control the flow of liquid. Butterfly valves are available in three different structures: electronically, manually, or pneumatically.


Advantages of Butterfly Valves:


  • Available in three different structures are electronically, manually, or pneumatically
  • Very accurate, that is beneficial in industrial applications.
  • Can be installed or removed without interrupting the pipe system


Applications of Butterfly Valves:


  • Butterfly valves are used to shut off the controlling and isolating service in wastewater plants, power plants, and process plants.
  • It is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.
  • Designed to handle corrosive liquids at low temperatures and pressures.


3) Gate Valves:


Gate valves are designed to turn on or off the flow of a liquid by round or rectangular wedge to restrict the flow. The pressure of fluid flow through pipes or valves can also be controlled with gate valves. These valves are made from different types of materials, including stainless steel, cast iron, alloy steel, forged steel, and others.


Advantages of Gate Valves:


  • There is no media flow resistance.
  • it can also be used in bi-directional flows.
  • The design is easy.
  • Good for large-diameter pipes.


Applications of Gate Valves:


Air, fuel gas, feedwater, steam, lube oil, and other systems commonly use a socket or butt-welding end-gate valves. Gate valves with a threaded end can be used in air, gaseous, or liquid systems.


4) Globe Valves:


Globe valves are widely used to regulate the flow of more viscous fluids like oil in pipelines. It can be used to control flow rate as well as on/off operations. They get their name from their spherical body shape, which is separated into two parts by an internal baffle.


Advantages of Globe Valves:


  • Good turning off/on capabilities
  • Great throttling capabilities
  • Shorter stroke
  • Easy to resurface the seats
  • Can be used as a stop-check valve


Applications of Globe Valves:


  • Cooling water systems.
  • Fuel oil systems.
  • Feedwater or chemical feed systems.
  • Boiler and main steam vents and drains.
  • Turbine lube oil system and others.



5) Check Valves:


Check valves are valves that are used in piping systems to prevent backflow. When a fluid flows in one direction, the pressure causes the valve to open and allows the fluid to flow through. When the flow is reversed, however, the valve automatically closes.


Advantages of Check Valves:


  • Simple design.
  • No need for human intervention.
  • Effectively prevent backflow.
  • Check valves serve as a backup system


Applications of Check Valves:


  • Because of their simple design and wide range of material choices, check valves are used in a wide range of applications.
  • They help in reducing the risk of backflow and the control of pressure.
  • Check valves are used in several industries, including refining, petrochemical, chemical, and oilfield manufacturing, as well as water, steam, refining petro, and viscous fluids.


6) Needle valve:


The amount of air or oil passing through the valve can be decreased or increased by using the Needle valve, which controls an opening within the valve by a needle. The speed of the piston of an air cylinder can also be regulated by using this valve.


Advantages of Needle Valves:


  • Controlling fluid media is easy.
  • Ideal for vacuum services or any system requiring consistency.
  • Sealing the valve needs less amount of mechanical force.


Applications of Needle Valves:


  • Low-pressure hydraulic systems, chemical processing, and other gas and liquid services are common applications.
  • Used to precisely control and adjust the fluid flow.
  • When a lower flow rate is needed, this valve is used.
  • Needle valves can also be used as both on/off and throttling valves.


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