Is the Subtle Richness of the Fare Follie by Carlo Corinto worth it?

Jan 12


Shashank tyagi

Shashank tyagi

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Being at your best is not just how much makeup you put on but the vibe and aroma that you send out to the world around you.


Take it from The French

It isn’t a mere coincidence that the French are famous for their fashion sense,Is the Subtle Richness of the Fare Follie by Carlo Corinto worth it? Articles their etiquette and their way of carrying themselves in public situations. All that is the total of their mannerisms and their dressing sense including the apparel, footwear, accessories and most importantly, the perfume.

The perfume one wears tends to send a message to those around- a form of non-verbal communication. It sets a vibe and a perspective of the wearer. It instantly boosts the confidence with just one simple spray- something we all need on most days. But the issue arises when there are a million choices with their top and base notes, each one unique in its manner. One such impressionable perfume is the Fare Follie by Carlo Corinto.

Most women have a very difficult time choosing a perfume that truly defines them, lasts long as well as doesn’t cost them a month’s salary. Finding a perfume that is subtle enough for the office environment and strong enough for a night out or helps survive through a field day at work is a rather tedious task.


Fare Follie to the Rescue!

Fare Follie Carlo Corinto Perfumeis a feminine perfume by Carlo Corinto. It is about self-expression, self-love and being groomed. Corinto is a very famous French designer and Fare Follie was launched in the year 2003 amongst other flavours by Carlo Corinto. It has a fruity scent and is rather enjoyable. The fruity scent gives a very spring i.e. refreshing and light feel.

Most women feel the need for a fragrance that embodies their inner self and gives one the feel of fresh air. The Fare Follie is a refreshing scent that one can’t get enough of. It is soft, classy, fruity and gives a very groomed and put-together feel. Since its launch, the perfume has been a go-to brand for most women.


The Notes of the Essence

The perfume is best suited for the spring and summer season than any of the others as it invokes a beautifully youthful innocence. In more specific detail, the top notes of the perfume are blackcurrant, orange and pear. The perfume contains middle notes of melon, muguet, raspberry and jasmine. Some of you might know ‘muguet’ as the lily of the valley. Finally, in order to strike the perfect balance, there are the base notes. These notes contain exciting and juicy bursts of peach, amber and musk. The top notes give one a very bright and sweet scent and the jasmine adds a soft touch to the scent. Some notes add a dimension to others and give it a very wholesome and satisfying feel. The orange, pear, raspberry and peach give it just the right amount of fruity scent. The rich, lush combination of blackcurrant, muguet and amber make it unique and memorable.

The Legacy of Carlo Corinto

Fare Follie is an Eau De Toilette 100ml (3.3 oz.) spray that seems to suit the requirements of most ladies. The delicate clean fragrance adds to the beauty of the wearer. While Carlo Corinto has expertise in menswear including sportswear and tailoring, over the years he has gained a lot of popularity in the women’s perfume spray section owing to the release of his Fare Follie perfume.

The brand of Carlo Corinto began its operations in 1984 when the designer launched his first men’s cologne under his name and has been unstoppable ever since. It initially started with the men’s cologne production, distribution and trade and later on expanded to skincare products and women’s perfumes. The products launched under the brand name are authentic and infamous.

One may find the brand in Liverpool, El Palacio de Hierro, Suburbia, Sears and finally in Sanborns.


Finding a Signature Scent

While looking for a signature scent and switching to a new one, the Fare Follie is a definite recommendation to women of all age groups. While it holds on to the youthfulness of the wearer, it does give a mature feel at the same time. What better than something summery with a hint of fruit and tender?

Another quality that one might look for in her perfume is its ability to blend in with the natural smell of the wearer and something that feels flawlessly hers. Its subtle notes are perfect for those looking for a feminine and natural perfume. it is one of those rare finds that last long and gives a feeling of contentment.

All in all, one is getting a worth of their penny on this purchase since it is reasonably priced too. Users are advised to not purchase any imitations or knockoffs from fraudulent salesmen to enjoy the actual musty fragrance. The perfume is also available to be purchased on several websites online that provide shipping facility worldwide. This majestic piece by Carlo Corinto is not just a sophisticated and attractive scent, the packaging too is very appealing to the eye. Going into the warmer months with this perfume could prove to be a good decision.