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Lilly Pulitzer BeddingThe name Lilly Pulitzer is synonymous with island fashion.   Growing up in Palm Beach you learn bright fashionable colors fit every generation.  The old man's wild tie fits appropriately next to the middle-aged woman's multi-colored jacket,Guest Posting and the style is passed on in the young girl's brilliant sundress.  The Lilly Pulitzer look has been a staple in island fashion since her first line of dresses in the 1960s.  Find the popular ready-to-wear looks splashed onto inviting sheets, comforters, and pillows. In Palm Beach, Lilly Pulitzer is a year-round style.    As Pioneer's Alan Murphy recalls "I remember when my sisters were going through some of my grandmother's Vintage Lilly clothes, they came home dressed like a box of Crayola markers had been dropped on them".  The bright, almost-gaudy Lilly patterns are reminders that places like Palm Beach and Nantucket are animals unto themselves.  Imagine the looks a woman would get walking down Fifth Avenue in a Lilly Pulitzer print, or the contrast of style if worn in a mid-American small town.  Whether the local style is all-black or cut-and-dry, it is emphatically not the loud and vivid Lilly look.  If it's your look, now you can deck out your bedroom in sharp Palm Beach colors. Fueled by her husband's citrus groves, a juice stand on Worth Avenue's Via Mizner stretch was Lilly's first entrepreneurial effort.  As juice spilled on her attire, she had a multi-colored dress made to hide the bright stains.  When the first pattern was revealed, bright colors in floral scenes, its appeal struck a chord.  Soon Lilly was selling more dresses than juice.  When Life magazine showed Jackie Kennedy wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress, the style instantly became in demand worldwide. Pioneer Linens features the complete Lilly Pulitzer bedding line - full of her characteristic yellows, blues, pinks, and oranges.  Pineapple linens are tropical prints on flat sheets, fitted sheets, and pillowcases.  Lilly Pulitzer towels come in brilliant colors like Lemon Twist and Pink Lemonade.  A lime Lilly throw accents a sunlit room, with a subtle palm tree motif woven into the design.  Comforters and shams come in collections that sound as regal as the aura they recreate - Hail to the Queen, Paradise Patch, Butterfly Garden, and more.

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