Sandy Glaze Bedding

Sep 25


Jotham McCauley

Jotham McCauley

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Sandy Glaze BeddingAs is often the case with a great idea come to life, this story started with someone in need of a product that did not exist. ...

Sandy Glaze BeddingAs is often the case with a great idea come to life, Sandy Glaze Bedding Articles this story started with someone in need of a product that did not exist.  Sandy Glaze stood in a department store searching for a new comforter.  Presented with literally hundreds of color and pattern options, she says "there was nothing even close to appealing".  Fast forward through two years of effort and teamwork, this motivated entrepreneur is making her mark in the bedding world. “I wanted to be in business for myself, using my hands, crafting something,” Sandy says.  “I happened to be in the market for a comforter.  I was looking and looking, but found nothing that allowed me to express myself.   Suddenly it dawned on me, I could produce bedding.”  But launching her first business, Sandy soon realized, would be “monumental in size.” Research laid the groundwork, that and consulting with friends, drinking whiskey and talking about ideas.  Suddenly she felt real traction with the idea of saucy bed sheets.  "We began picturing the 1940's style pinup, flirty but not dirty.  It dawned on me, I can’t be the only person who grew up with punk rock, skateboarding, and a certain kind of taste.  I can’t be the only one not finding anything.”  In her bid for authenticity, Glaze contacted the representative of 1940s pinup artist Peter Driben.  After the phone call Sandy was on a plane to New York, and her first product became reality.  Sandy is among the new era of entrepreneurs succeeding against large-scale corporations with niche product lines, but also simply a modern case of the American can-do spirit.  "We began by shoestringing along, being scrappy.  I thought we could store the first production run in my basement.  Then I saw how much fabric it was."  Sandy established a warehouse, and began producing a large volume of sheet sets, duvets and pillowcases.  Now the business is going toward more comforters, bedskirts, shower curtains, and complete ensembles.   Sandy describes herself as an avid music fan, touring with rock bands for several years, and a student of art in life.   "Before that I was a punk rock kid, going to shows in smoky bars in Hollywood.  Intrigued by the underbelly of culture.  The things below the surface that are not shown on tv.  Also I am drawn to the visual arts, music, and performance art.  Anything where you express yourself.  In fact, I'm inspired by everything around me.  The core is being drawn to creativity itself.... kids who cut out patches and sew to their individualism.  I'm a big fan of the human spirit, will, anything you do to push yourself spiritually and creatively."

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